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It's a Commune

Marriage Woes

4 minutes   ago

Marriage Woes | Blog | Qatar Day A debate is on in the social media on the issue of Qatari men marrying foreigners. Though no figures are available on how many Qatari men marry foreign nationals, experts are of the view that such cases are on the rise. Qataris are divided on this issue, with some in favour of such marriages while others oppose them.  One important reason behind Qatari men marrying foreigners is financial. In the wealthy Qatari society, marriages...

Many Qataris frown on marrying foreigners

52 minutes   ago

Many Qataris frown on marrying foreigners | Blog | Qatar Day Instances of Qatari men marrying foreigners have once again brought to the fore the debate about the effect of such marriages on families.  Many Qatari nationals believe that such marriages reduce marriage prospects for Qatari women and even lead to social problems for the children of such couples. Others argue that nationality should not be taken into consideration for marriage.  Many reasons are cited for Qatari men...

Future of Qatar Labor

2 hours   ago,    By : Raji Devora

Future of Qatar Labor | Blog | Qatar Day After the recent Human Rights Watch (HRW) report that showed how Qatar lacks some labour rights such as their ability to unionise, and how the sponsorship system is giving the employers too much power over them, Gulf News looked into the future of labour rights in Doha. Workers all over the world are known with their unions and organised movements. But in Qatar they can be penalised with dismissal and could be deported from Qatar and...