Top 7 Network Marketing Companies

Top 7 Network Marketing Companies By Tanmay Jain - October 31, 2018
Top 7 Network Marketing Companies

Top 7 Network Marketing Companies

The best possible part-time business plan that can help you generate a considerable amount of income with minimum investment and efforts is Network Marketing Companies. Now, the good news is regardless of your experience, training, and qualification, this particular sector provides amazing opportunities to the fresher as well as professionals who wish to make extra money performing easy tasks. However, it is worth noting that there exist a plethora of fake companies claiming to be an MLM firm. Thus, prior to applying in a network marketing industry, you should aim to do a thorough research and seek a deep-analysis. Some major factors that should be considered before opting for an MLM company are:

- The product and services offered by the entity

- Experience and qualification of the leadership group of the company

- The compensation plan

- What training do they offer?

Taking into the account the above-mentioned factors, we’ve come up with the list of 7 top-notch network marketing companies that are worth joining:

1. Amway India

Amway is a renowned MLM company that is especially acknowledged for its super quality products. To earn a significant amount of commission varying from 5% to 21% per every sale, you need to get registered in Amway's official page.

2. Herbalife

Based in the United States of America, Herbalife is known for the top-most nutritional supplements that are prepared from natural herbs and fruits. As it is a direct selling firm, the commodities sold here aren’t available in the local retail outlets. To become a selling agent of Herbalife products, purchase their membership plan to earn a 25% discount per sale.

3. Medicare

Medicare was established in India and is one of the leading MLM companies in today’s time. They supply a variety of skin care, wellness, home care, personal care, and etc. The commission provided to the vendors depends on your post in the company. Plus, you can expect some bonus amount per each sale.

4. RCM

Another fastest growing companies in the catalog of MLM industries is RCM. The products provided by the company are associated with a garment, grocery, and cosmetic genre. If you want to earn bonuses, hefty commission, and discount, RCM should be at the top of your priority list.

5. Oriflame

Being a renowned name amongst the Indian Networking marketing companies, it offers exciting skin care products. You can get yourself registered as a consultant to seek a discount of 20% on the purchase of every product.

6. Avon

Though comparing to the above-listed organizations, Avon isn’t a very popular skincare brand in Indian markets, it offers super quality products. To earn ample commission, you can become the representative of Avon and get their products at a discounted price.

7. Vestige

The oldest yet brilliant network marketing company that is still in the race of top 7 marketing companies in India is Vestige. It supplies personal care and health-related products. If you become a distributor of the vestige products, you can seek a 14% direct bonus on sale, 20% savings on consumption, and around 10-20 percent bonus on your performance.

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By Tanmay Jain - October 31, 2018

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