QRCS provides clean drinking water for displaced people in Syria

QRCS provides clean drinking water for displaced people in Syria By Qatar Day - August 02, 2021

QRCS provides clean drinking water

The representation mission of Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) in Turkey has recently initiated a project to provide clean drinking water for internally displaced people (IDPs) in the northern countryside of Aleppo, Syria.

Lasting until February 2022, the project will benefit a total of 13,898 beneficiaries in Al-Bab City and neighboring camps, including 5,454 children and 7,194 women, as well as 95 indirect beneficiaries.

The purpose of the project is to meet the basic needs of purified and potable water for the displaced families in Al-Bab City and countryside outskirts, thus ensuring better and more stable living standards.

QRCS's tankers are deployed to deliver drinking water, which is already tested to verify its quality and decontaminated with chlorine, as per the internationally accepted standards.

The municipalities are engaged in selecting the most vulnerable groups. There is coordination with the other humanitarian organizations operating in the region to ensure non-duplication and provision of integrated services for the IDPs.

As a result of the protracted Syrian conflict, more people continue to be displaced, and more camps are created, and more families are badly in need of the necessities of life, such as food and water. The camp areas suffer environmentally scarce water resources, as they are located far from the sources of potable water. There are no means to supply good-quality water for drinking and personal use.

This project helps the affected populations to find safe and disinfected water in a manner that preserves the dignity of women, children, and persons with disability, who are now protected against disease and epidemics, especially amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

It has a significant impact on reducing the suffering of IDPs and host communities in the target area, by giving the affected families improved access to regular water supply and protecting them against the risks of inadequate or unsafe water supply.


By Qatar Day - August 02, 2021

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