QRCS and HBKU Sign an Agreement to Enhance Cooperation

QRCS and HBKU Sign an Agreement to Enhance Cooperation By Joel Johnson - October 10, 2021
QRCS and HBKU Sign an Agreement to Enhance Cooperation

QRCS and HBKU Sign an Agreement to Enhance Cooperation

Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) and Hamad Bin Khalifa Universitys (HBKU) College of Islamic Studies (CIS) have signed a bilateral agreement to step up mutual cooperation, through exchange/utilization of available experience and resources towards sustainable and effective activities within the humanitarian mandates of both parties, including the promotion of community safety and human dignity as implied by QRCSs slogan of Saving Lives and Preserving Dignity.

At the headquarters of QRCS, the agreement was signed by Secretary-General of QRCS Ali bin Hassan Al Hammadi and Dean of CIS Dr. Emad El-Din Shahin.

The agreement is aimed at bringing the two sides together to publicize Qatars humanitarian efforts at the government and public levels. Under the agreement, they will coordinate joint programs in the fields of education, child and family support, services for expatriate workers, and promotion of voluntary/humanitarian work among the university community.

Al Hammadi valued the partnership with HBKU, as "humanitarian action requires the combined efforts of everyone across sectors, including education and scientific research."

He commended this move, which would enable the students and faculty of HBKU to acquire basic skills for their own benefit as well as that of others. As an internationally recognized humanitarian organization and an auxiliary to the State of Qatar in its humanitarian and social efforts both locally and globally, QRCS will hold lectures and courses on principles of IHL, risk management, disaster response, and other areas of specialization.

Dr. Shahin said that the "agreement lays the solid foundations for cooperation with QRCS. They can capitalize on our academic, research, and other aspects of expertise to enhance their humanitarian and charitable activities. Our programs, including the Master of Arts in Islam and Global Affairs, and research activities/internships co-implemented with our local and international partners are the direct outcomes of the new system created by Qatar to achieve the objectives of Qatar National Vision 2030. I look forward to putting this memorandum of understanding (MoU) into effect, in order to help facilitate and enrich the countrys humanitarian sector." (QNA)

By Joel Johnson - October 10, 2021

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