Qatar maintains record as 'World's Safest Country'

Qatar maintains record as 'World's Safest Country' By Atif Ansari - January 26, 2022

A view of Corniche in Qatar

In a report from Numbeo Crime Index by Country 2022, Qatar has maintaned its position as the world's "Safest Country" out of 142 countries evaluated. According to Numbeo, the country's crime score is 13.78, while its safety rating is 86.22.

Numbeo's crime index calculations are an approximation of the overall amount of crime in the city or country in question, whereas the safety index is an approximation of the general level of safety.

Numbeo also covers current information on living conditions, including the cost of living, housing indicators, healthcare, traffic, and pollution. According to the recently-released survey, the Gulf region boasts three countries in the top 10, with Qatar, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Taiwan, Isle of Man, Oman, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Japan, Armenia, and Slovenia making up the list. Venezuela recorded the highest crime index rate at 83.58 and lowest safety index at 16.42, ranking as the least safe country. 

Meanwhile, Numbeo ranks Doha as the second safest city behind Abu Dhabi. Doha’s 13.83 crime index and 86.17 safety index fall just shy of the UAE capital, with 11.86 and 88.14, respectively. Other cities in the top 10 include San Sebastian (Spain), Sharjah (UAE), Taipei (Taiwan), Quebec City (Canada), Funchal (Portugal), Dubai (UAE), Zurich (Switzerland), and Munich (Germany). 

Numbeo surveyed 459 cities, with Venezuela’s capital city Caracas the least safe city globally. 

In the quality of life index, Qatar ranked 27th and third in the Arab world, only behind Oman (13) and the UAE (24). Switzerland topped the 87 entries with the best quality of life index. In health, Qatar ranked 18th globally and first in the Arab world.

Qatar’s position across the survey’s indexes demonstrates its commitment to the safety and development of infrastructures to enable quality living for citizens and residents. 

This also puts Qatar in a promising position ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2022, with visitors assured of a secure and booming environment.

The Numbeo database has published its annual reports since 2009, based on measurement of the crime rate worldwide. 

The index of crimes in countries is measured according to the laws of those countries as it considers that there are acts that constitute crimes in some countries dissimilar to other countries, which gives an objective measure of the rate of crime in countries following applicable laws.

By Atif Ansari - January 26, 2022

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