MoPH issues guidelines for buying pharmaceutical products in Qatar

MoPH issues guidelines for buying pharmaceutical products in Qatar By Darlene Regis - July 19, 2022
Guidelines for buying pharmaceutical products in Qatar

Buying Pharmaceutical Products in Qatar

The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) recently published a circular that addressed all private health facilities in Qatar. It discussed the following:

• Circulation of pharmaceutical products within health facilities

• Significance of the labeling system

• Purchasing only from licensed sources

• Where pharmaceutical products should be stored

The Ministry further shared the following guidelines for buying pharmaceutical products in Qatar:

1. Keep the purchase invoice from the authorised agent or the licensed importer or an internal purchase invoice from another medical facility and submit it to the inspectors of the MoPH upon request.

2. In the case of private import by the health facility, a prior approval must be obtained from the Department of Pharmacy and Drug Control, and the approvals should be kept in special records and submitted to the inspectors of the MoPH upon request.

3. When purchasing from an authorised agent or licensed importer for the first time, please request the following:

• A copy of the company’s health licence issued by MoPH.

• A copy of the product registration or classification certificate approved by the MoPH.

• A copy of the commercial register.

• A copy of the trade licence.

• A copy of the brokers’ certificates.

4. In the event that there is no pharmacy inside the health facility, please obtain a prior approval from the Ministry of Public Health on the list of pharmaceutical products used by the health facility.

5. All pharmaceutical products are stored inside the pharmacy of the health facility or a room designated for that if the health facility does not have a pharmacy.

Source: MoPH

By Darlene Regis - July 19, 2022

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