MoEHE Inaugurates Its Sixth Exhibition Featuring "Visual Arts Creator."

MoEHE Inaugurates Its Sixth Exhibition Featuring "Visual Arts Creator." By Jiny - November 06, 2023
 MoEHE Inaugurates Its Sixth Exhibition Featuring Visual Arts Creators

6th 'Visual Arts Creators' Exhibition Unveiled by MoEHE

In the presence of Her Excellency Buthaina bint Ali Al Jabr Al Nuaimi, Minister of Education and Higher Education, and Mr. Mohammed Saad Al Rumaihi, Acting CEO of Qatar Museums, the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, in collaboration with the Museum of Islamic Art, inaugurated the sixth exhibition "Creators of Visual Arts" for the academic year 2023-2024 under the title "Art and Science." This exhibition aims to spread the artistic taste of the community and highlight the outputs of arts in public, international, and private schools. It will display 398 artworks by students and their teachers, highlighting the relationship of art with various sciences. The exhibition will continue until the fifth of next December.

On this occasion, Mrs. Maryam Noman Al Emadi, Director of the Educational Guidance Department, explained that the Ministry of Education and Higher Education was keen to organize and sponsor the "Visual Arts Creators" event. The event is an educational and cultural necessity that would satisfy students' tendencies, develop their abilities, sharpen their preparations, and achieve a positive path and emotional balance through participating and exchanging various artistic experiences.

Al-Emadi added that the exhibition, in its sixth edition entitled "Art and Science," is an excellent visual artistic event and a challenge to the student's mental and imaginative abilities to keep pace with contemporary art movements in major countries artistically. The use of the experimental approach in new and innovative artistic styles confirms the growth of innovation and imagination for students, reflected in the adaptation of the tool, material, method of presenting the subject, and students' awareness. She praised the distinguished organization of the exhibition and thanked all those contributing to the establishment of the exhibition.

Salem Abdullah Al-Aswad, Deputy Director of MIA, said: "Due to the close cooperation between Qatar Museums, represented by the Museum of Islamic Art, and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and in support of our students, we were pleased to host the sixth exhibition "Creators of Visual Arts." It came to document the creativity of our students and to embrace these exhibitions that strengthen the link between us as a museum and school students, whether public or private and to build bridges of cooperation and spread museum culture among them." Al-Aswad added:  "As a cultural and educational center, we invite our students to participate in our art workshops and academic cultural programs that comply with the curriculum for all educational levels. I also invite my sons and daughters students to spend the field training (volunteering) scheduled at the museum. We are pleased with this exhibition and its work. I call for the continuation of this cooperation between us and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, which will have a great impact on the benefit of our students."

The exhibition includes a variety of creative projects for students, including flat and two-dimensional works, digital artworks, canvas paintings, and video. In addition, the exhibition is accompanied by art workshops at a rate of two seminars per week, to start on Tuesday, November 7, 2023. The workshops will be held in the educational halls of the Museum of Islamic Art Educational Center. These workshops target talented school students in the State of Qatar at all levels of study. They are provided by teachers and coordinators of visual arts in schools. The Arts and Theater Department in the Ministry nominates participating schools.

On the sidelines of the exhibition, an artistic and cultural symposium entitled "The Dialectic of the Relationship between Art and Science" will be held on Thursday, November 16, 2023. Dr. Amr Aboul Hoda, Arts Guidance Specialist at the Ministry, and a distinguished group of art professors at universities and specialists in artistic and cultural institutions will moderate the seminar. The activities of the "Visual Arts Creators" exhibition will conclude with an honoring ceremony for schools, students, and all participants in the exhibition on Sunday, November 19, 2023. 

Source MoEHE

By Jiny - November 06, 2023

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