Katara Opens "Texture of Pins" Exhibition of Kuwaiti Artist Maisam Qassem

Katara Opens "Texture of Pins" Exhibition of Kuwaiti Artist Maisam Qassem By Josephine Justin - May 03, 2023
Katara Opens Texture of Pins Exhibition

Katara Opens "Texture of Pins" Exhibition

The Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) inaugurated the "Texture of pins" exhibition, showcasing the art work of the Kuwaiti artist Maisam Qassem at building No. 47, hall (2) on Tuesday.

The exhibition, which will continue until May 12, 2023, includes over 30 paintings of art works in which the artist Qassem excelled in the portraits of a contingent of personalities from various fields, whether Kuwaiti, Qatari or Arab, in addition to a combination of scenes through depending on colorful rivet and thread technique to blend different materials in perfect harmony.

General Manager of Katara Dr Khalid Ibrahim Al Sulaiti underlined that the exhibition featured Kuwaiti artist Maisam Qassem's experience which transferred a trailblazing idea to the audience.He added that Katara strives to extend the bridges of communication between artists from around the world, especially in GCC states to enrich the cultural and artistic scene and promote gulf trailblazers.

The Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) embraced numerous occasions and distinguished exhibitions for a contingent of Kuwaiti artists, Al Sulaiti outlined.

In an exclusive statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), artist Maisam Qassem said that the name of the exhibition was inspired from exceptional artistic paintings where she utilized pieces of wood and colorful threads, including a few pins. It should be noted that her art works received an appreciation and high turnout from the public, whether in Kuwait, or in the region.

The passion prompted her to develop her experience, and subsequently forming a team of innovators who practice their artistic hobbies by using pins and colorful threads to create professional and distinguished images and paintings with premium esthetic dimensions.

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The artists succeeded in making the largest artistic segment in the world which is made of wood, pins and threads and it was over 218 square meters in size. Roughly 14,000 pins and 30,000 meters of colored threads were used.


By Josephine Justin - May 03, 2023

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