Kahramaa, Audi Qatar Sign Partnership to Advance Commitment to Environmental Issues

Kahramaa, Audi Qatar Sign Partnership to Advance Commitment to Environmental Issues By A Robin - August 10, 2023
Kahramaa & Audi Qatar Sign Partnership

Kahramaa & Audi Qatar Sign Partnership

The Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) announced a new partnership with Audi Qatar, which falls within the framework of the two parties' commitment to environmental issues and climate change, and the corporation's plans to transition to sustainable transportation in the State of Qatar.

Director of Shared Services Affairs at Kahramaa Dr. Eng. Abdullah Mohsen Al Wahidi said during a press conference held by the two parties today that, under this partnership, Audi Qatar will provide KAHRAMAA with 25 electric cars, Audi Q8 Etron, to be added to the approved fleet of the corporation, to enable it to achieve its vision aimed at converting all its vehicles to be electric by 2030.

In this regard, Al Wahidi noted the importance of this step in the process of transitioning to sustainable transport in the State of Qatar, stressing that it is consistent with the country's strategic directions related to environmental protection and reducing carbon emissions, through the Qatar National Strategy for Environment and Climate Change, the National Action Plan for Climate Change 2030 and the Qatar National Vision 2030.

In a special statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Al Wahidi highlighted in this regard that Kahramaa has expanded the electric vehicle charging network in the State of Qatar to a total of 160 fast charging units, and aims to install 300 stations by the end of 2024, and to double this number to 600 stations by the end of 2024. By 2025, as part of a strategic plan aimed at enabling the population of the State of Qatar to rely on electric vehicles, and to create the necessary infrastructure to support the gradual transition to fully sustainable transport in the future.

He said that the main role of Kahramaa is to provide the necessary infrastructure to deploy an integrated network of electric vehicle charging stations, distributed in a thoughtful manner on all strategic and vital sites in the country within the current plan, and to include all regions of the country in the future. He added that its role is also to provide central control and monitoring systems, and to set policies and laws regulating the installation of electric vehicle charging units.

Al Wahidi also affirmed the Corporation's commitment to the action plans of the transformation strategy for electric vehicles prepared by the Ministry of Communications, by adding 10 percent of electric vehicles to the fleet of vehicles used by the Corporation each year. He said that this demonstrates once again the extent of our commitment to Kahramaa's set goals represented in diversifying the energy solutions adopted in the Corporation's operations, reducing the carbon footprint of our business and projects, and pioneering sustainable transportation at the level of the State of Qatar.

The Director of Shared Services Affairs at KAHRAMAA valued the fruitful partnership between the private sector entities that are committed to the environmental goals of the state and government agencies, considering these concerted efforts as the key to achieving qualitative leaps towards achieving common goals in protecting the environment and reducing the effects of global warming in a way that guarantees a future. better for future generations.


By A Robin - August 10, 2023

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