Japanese mayor who bit Olympian's gold medal tests positive for Covid-19

Japanese mayor who bit Olympian's gold medal tests positive for Covid-19 By Qatar Day - September 02, 2021

An ultimate turn of events.

The Japanese mayor, Takashi Kawamura, who so infamously bit into a medal that was not his, has tested positive for Covid-19.

"Germ medal"
To jolt your memory, Kawamura, who is the mayor for Nagoya, had sunk his pearly whites into the gold medal belonging to homecoming softball olympian, Miu Goto.

The incident, which was broadcasted live on television, quickly came under fire and drew the ire of many.

CNN reported that more than 8,000 complaints stemming from the mayor's callous actions were made to Nagoya City Hall following the incident.

Some of the criticisms focused on how the mayor's behaviour was inappropriate, especially during a global Covid-19 pandemic.

The term "germ medal" was birthed and started trending on Japan's social media platforms, based on BBC's report.

Tested positive recently

On Sep. 1, the city of Nagoya announced that the Kawamura had tested positive for Covid-19.

The Nagoya mayor learnt this from a polymerase chain reaction test, which he took after his 30-year-old secretary had tested positive for Covid-19 on Aug. 29, reported The Asahi Shimbun.

The 72-year-old politician was fully vaccinated, and received his second dose of the vaccine in July 2021, as reported by Japan Times.

Nagoya city's officials added that the mayor was asymptomatic and has not developed any symptoms.

In the meantime, Kawamura's official duties will be delegated to other officials while he rests at home.

In a statement reported by Japanese media outlets, Kawamura said:

"Coronavirus is striking fury in a way never before seen, but we will all work together to ensure there is no interruption in running the city."


The infamous medal biting incident took place on Aug. 4, where Kawamura wanted to meet the gold medal olympian to congratulate her in person.

During the photo taking session, Kawamura had gestured for Goto to place the medal around his neck.

No sooner after the Olympian complied, and the mayor pulled down his mask and bit onto the medal, imitating the familiar pose that Olympic athletes strike after clinching their medals.

He has since apologised numerous times for his gaffe, and even offered to forgo three months worth of his salary to express his sincere remorse.. He has also attended a harassment workshop.

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By Qatar Day - September 02, 2021

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