How Big Is The Astrology Industry

How Big Is The Astrology Industry By Bazoom - November 27, 2023
How Big Is The Astrology Industry

How Big Is The Astrology Industry

How Big Is The Astrology Industry?

Astrology has been around for many centuries. Early references point to the second millennium BCE, in the Babylonian civilization. Back then, Babylonians would look at the sky to predict the weather or for navigation. The 12 zodiac signs seem to have been added by Western astrology at the end of the second century BCE. Astrology has received support from kings and banishment from churches throughout its history.

It has never been so popular like nowadays, as a billion-dollar industry. It crossed the USD 12 billion mark in 2021 and with projected growth until 2021. According to IBISWorld, Americans spend over USD 2 billion yearly on mystical services. Such services include tarot, zodiac sign charts, and psychic readings. Click here on and learn more about those subjects. Read about lucid dreams and enjoy the blog, too.

In this article, we’ll talk about the global industry based on this ancient practice. You’ll read about how it merged with technology and why it’s so popular today.   


Celebrities are also part of the surge of astrology today. Popular astrologists, like Aliza Kelly and Chani Nicholas, also have their online platforms and apps. The group of astrology entrepreneurs is growing, motivated by the boom in the sector during the pandemic. Also, more businesses are partnering up with astrologists to create brand deals based on the zodiac signs of their clients. 

Such business strategies resonate among the nearly 30% of the American population who believe in astrology. According to the president of the Organization of Professional Astrology, Kay Taylor, the internet has improved the working conditions of many astrologists. Instead of “operating from the backroom of their houses” or making “readings on the kitchen table,” they now can set up a website, reach much wider audiences, and have a successful career. 

Fresh Blood

Figures in the astrology market have been rising fast. However, it seems that Millennials and GenZers are more prone to it. The number of zodiac-oriented dating apps, best-selling books, social media accounts, and podcasts are on the rise. There are also many marketplaces where you can buy stones related to your zodiac sign.

The younger generations are more tech-savvy. It means they’re in the right position to enjoy new channels for esoteric content. Some of the most successful apps have been downloaded more than 26 million times, providing an array of services. Besides, it provides more accessibility than traditional astrology ever could. 

New technologies also benefited those who work in the sector. There are about 100,000 self-employed astrologers in the United States. Apps that offer live services are creating more job opportunities for those professionals. The younger generations also tend to have a more introspective approach to it. They mostly use horoscopes for self-awareness, rather than for practical decisions in their lives. Some studies show how compound collective trauma, such as the pandemic crisis, can lead to a greater search for self-discovery.   

Business Astrology

Millennials and GenZers use astrology for self-discovery. Meanwhile, businesses are applying it to their practical decisions. Enter business astrology. Here, believers are mainly concerned about which planets and signs support a certain kind of business. Through zodiac maps, business astrology can also guide towards the most suitable business partners. 

According to specialists in the field, it involves more than planets, zodiac signs, and dates. It’s also important for the astrologer to get acquainted with your business dynamics and relevant birth charts, for instance. Then, the astrologer can have a broader view on the issue, based on the features of each planet and how they play together.  

Astrology and Venture Capital

In recent years, companies like Five Four Ventures, Aspect Ventures, and Maveron have joined the zodiac trend. There were rounds of investments raising over USD 5 million for startups in the field. Zodiac-related subjects and memes are viral on social media, attracting attention from investors. 

The combination of venture capital and those startups resulted in platforms based on artificial intelligence and updated NASA data about the movement of stars and planets. A horoscope prediction is relatable for those who believe in it. Relatability is a critical factor for its success, according to David Birnbaum, who’s ahead of Five Four Ventures. It was also crucial for the success of BuzzFeed’s questionnaires. 

Investors see more than “relatable and shareable” content, though. Recent statistics show that engagement with religion is declining among Millennials. Meanwhile, engagement with themed online communities is rising in this age group. That’s why investors think it’s the perfect conjunction for investing in this market.   


By Bazoom - November 27, 2023

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