GCC asks Netflix to remove content that violates Islamic values

GCC asks Netflix to remove content that violates Islamic values By A Robin - September 07, 2022


The General Commission For Audiovisual Media (GCAM) and the Committee of the Electronic Media Officials in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries (GCC) has issued on Tuesday a joint statement asking Netflix to remove infringing contents.

The committee was chaired by Saudi Arabia.

The demand came after several noticed that Netflix is broadcasting infringing contents and visual materials that violate the media content regulation in the GCC countries.

Additionally, the statement also stated that the materials broadcasted by Netflix contradict Islamic and societal values and principles.

GCAM and the committee have confirmed that they have contacted the platform to remove infringing contents. In addition they have also demanded them to remove contents that are directed to children, which contains infringing materials.

Additionally, they have asked Netflix to adhere to the regulations. They noted they are following up on the platform’s adherence with the directions.

If Netflix continues to broadcast the infringing contents, the GCAM and the Committee of E-Media in GCC confirmed that they would take all legal measures against them.


By A Robin - September 07, 2022

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