Cost of Living in Doha Qatar 2019

Cost of Living in Doha Qatar 2019 By Qatar Day - May 15, 2019
Cost of Living in Doha Qatar 2019

Cost of Living in Doha Qatar 2019

The typical cost for basic items in Qatar, or in wherever besides, to a great extent relies upon your way of life and where you originate from. Qatar isn't over the top expensive spot to live in, and the administration does not charge a ton on a few things including power, water, and home telephone lines. Qatar barely forces charges. The main duty being collected is the import charge, however that is likewise very sensible. The natives here get free power, water, and telephone lines! The significant costs that you may need to truly manage here are - settlement, which to a great extent relies upon your area of remain, aside from instructive costs if living with family. 

Nonetheless, individuals entering the nation with the thought process of simply work and live, may see that while a few things might be less expensive here, others might be very costly. The general average cost for basic items is high contrasted with other GCC areas like Kuwait, Oman, KSA and Bahrain. In this way, it is essential to recollect when we discuss that noteworthy compensation that, you need to live on it just as spare it. 

Aside from extremely shoddy oil, numerous day by day merchandise are getting more costly in Qatar than in different nations. Around 90 90% of sustenance in Qatar is imported, and consequently even fundamental foodstuffs might be expensive. Likewise, the expense of excitement is no less. 

The 2018 Mercer Cost of Living Index places Doha at 115th position our of 209 urban communities studied, putting it beneath other significant Middle Eastern urban communities like Dubai and Riyadh, however more costly than Kuwait City and Muscat. 

The general typical cost for basic items in Qatar can be arranged dependent on costs for explicit amounts for similar products and enterprises crosswise over real Basket Groups. 

Rentals for the most part establish around 33% of normal month to month costs of an expat family, and records to 33% of CPI (Consumer Price Index), a typical cost for basic items estimation which thinks about continuous costs of basic purchaser merchandise, in contrast with same month earlier year. The CPI is generally determined by looking at the expense of a normal bushel of products bought by inhabitants in a run of the mill month. 

Typical cost for basic items in Doha Qatar 

Accommodation / Rental Expenses

Practically all exiles working in Qatar lease their properties, and greater part of them are on business gets that offer free or sponsored lodging, utilities and furniture. Lion's share of properties in Qatar that are accessible for lease in Qatar are empty, independent of whether it is a terrific estate or a humble studio condo. The empty lofts will offer just the minimum necessities, for example, a kitchen unit, drape rails, lighting apparatuses (could likewise mean semi-outfitted). There are likewise outfitted properties in any case, they are more enthusiastically to discover and are progressively costly. 

Practically all exile settlement in Doha accompany a scope of pleasantries including pools, gyms, tennis courts and play areas. Larger part of manors and houses have gardens. It is likewise conceivable to discover separate lofts and townhouses to lease. 

Finding a leased convenience in Qatar is a straight-forward, settled practice. A few driving universal firms frequently have their own lodging courses of action as long haul rents on properties for their staff. In any case, in the event that you need to get self-settlement, there is impressive decision and relies upon the sort of property you need. 

You can settle on a spending limit, and pick an area relying upon the significance of openness to your work place, the sort and size of living space you need, regardless of whether it is estate or condo, number of rooms, and so on. Doha, being a little city, practically all territories are effectively available to the City Center, schools and airplane terminal. 

Rental costs will take up an a lot of your month to month spending plan. You will likewise need to mull over your speculation for buy of things, for example, beds and couches, as a large portion of the properties out there for rentals in Qatar are empty, except if, you are paying special mind to a great loft or a huge manor. 

The regular month to month rentals for condos at present (inexact qualities) are as per the following: But, the rates change to a great extent relying upon the area of the property. 

Contingent upon the area of the level or house you pick, and the conveniences accessible there, the month to month rental for studio and single room lofts commonly fall in the range QR2800 to QR7000. A bed space lease can average out at about QR 900. 

At the higher-end of the scale, a solitary room condo in lavish Pearl Qatar advancement can begin at QR10,000, while a two room would be about QR12,000 to QR14,000. 

Two room condos in Umm Ghuwailina can start with QR6,500 month to month, while a twofold room completely outfitted loft at Al Wakra might be about QR5000. 

A three room condo in downtown area might be anyplace somewhere in the range of QR7000 and QR15000. 

Presently, with these sort of rentals, except if your boss gives you a liberal lodging stipend, even the most engaging tax-exempt pay may not be of any assistance when you move to Qatar. 


Cost of transportation for open transport, vehicle fuel, vehicle protection, vehicle support incorporating into the type of contract buy or rent of vehicle, oil or diesel, open transport administration upkeep, vehicle protection and vehicle buy is similarly less when contrasted with most different urban communities. 

Oil is truly sensible and second-hand autos are likewise sensibly evaluated. The general method of transport in Qatar is through Bus, Karwa taxi or private taxi. One way ticket (neighborhood transport) can extend QR3 to QR10 

The beginning rate for taxi (ordinary duty) is QR10.00 (territory QR10 to QR16). From that point, QR1.90 might be charged for each extra kilometer. The typical tax for taxi 1 hour holding up could be QR25.00 to QR50.00. 

The expense of 1 liter of Gasoline is QR1.93 (territory QR1.55 to QR2.10). Premium evaluation oil costs roughly QR 1.85 per liter, with super evaluation costing QR 1.95 per liter. Diesel is around QR 1.90 a liter. 


Instructive costs are expanding constantly in Qatar. There is a state funded educational system in Qatar, which is free, at the same time, is open just to nationals. The expense of private schooling could be high, however the nature of instruction is extraordinary. Now and again, the charges are borne by the business as a major aspect of the work contract, and consequently, it is insightful to ensure this, before you sign your agreement. 

It is imperative to know about the expense of private tutoring while moving into Qatar with a school-going tyke, particularly in the event that it incorporates college training. Despite the fact that it might appear to be sensible at first, it might finish up being a money related strain attributable to ordinary increment in expenses, as frequently is the situation. The expense of tutoring differs relies upon the kind of school and educational programs pursued. 

Regularly, for a private preschool or kindergarten you may need to pay QR1000 to QR3000 every month for entire day care for a solitary kid. 

The elementary school expense for universal schools every year could fall in the range QR18,000 to QR50,000 contingent upon the school and luxuries. 

Charges for secondary schools could be anyplace upto QR70,000 every year. If it's not too much trouble note, this does exclude garbs and transport expense. 

There are various schools for various nationalities, including Indian, Pakistani and Filipino schools, and a portion of these might be more affordable. 

Apparel and Shoes 

Cost of apparel and footwear including tailored suits, easygoing garments or kids' attire, and embellishments, for example, caps, coats, evening wear, and innerwear is said to be little excessively costly in Qatar, when contrasted with different urban communities. Be that as it may, this is the situation just when you pay special mind to architect marks. There is not really any requirement for winter apparel here. Given, the district's hot atmosphere, loads of garments is pointless. Office wear for men is commonly a shirt and tie, aside from formal events. 

At present, when shopping, a couple of jeans(Levis 501 or comparable brands) may cost about QR100 to QR350, a late spring dress in a chain store like Zara or H&M may cost about QR100 to QR300, a couple of Nike running shoe (midrange) costs about QR250 to QR500 and a couple of men calfskin business shoe may fall in the range QR200 to QR500. 


The day by day average cost for basic items is to a great extent subject to sustenance costs. The expense for sustenance, non-mixed refreshments and cleaning material things, including heated merchandise, canned nourishments, child consumables, dairy, new products of the soil, organic product juices, oil and vinegars, meat, pet nourishment, prepared to-eat suppers, sauces, snacks, fish, sodas, flavors and herbs are fairly costly in contrast with different urban areas. 

Around 90 percent of nourishment in Qatar is imported, and consequently, even fundamental foodstuffs might be expensive. Expats can find the nearness of a few noteworthy general store chains in and around Doha, including Monoprix, Spinney's and Carrefour, and subsequently, shopping at them would appear shopping at home. Yet, on the off chance that you buy globally eminent marked nourishments and family merchandise, you may finish up paying more expensive rates than in your nation of origin, despite the fact that there are a lot of less expensive neighborhood and locally delivered choices accessible offering great quality items. 

Expats may presumably burn through 10 to 20 percent of their pay rates on nourishment consistently. Given underneath are the present costs of a portion of the general sustenance things in order to give you a reasonable thought of the market. 


The expense of human services, restorative and therapeutic protection, for example, general specialist, discussion rates, emergency clinic private ward every day rate, private medicinal protection, non-doctor prescribed drug, therapeutic guide commitments, are on the whole similarly increasingly costly in contrast with different urban areas. Qatar has a well-resourced state social insurance framework, to be specific, Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), which offers free crisis treatment to each one of the individuals who register. In Qatar you get great general medical coverage for relatively less expensive cost of QR200 every year. 

Be that as it may, presently, HMC is confronting weight because of long hangs tight for treatment, and subsequently dominant part of expats select private medicinal services which can be costly. In this way, check if your offer letter incorporates medical coverage for you and your wards and the avoidances that it might have. 

Qatari government has declared designs to present all inclusive medical coverage framework in future, which suggests that each organization may need to give medical coverage to its workers. 

In the event that you are restoratively protected you will pay QR25 for each visit to a medicinal expert. For a private medical clinic, you may hope to pay QR100 to QR250 and for a private expert specialist you might be charged QR250 to QR600. Be that as it may, in the event that you are visiting the Primary Health Care Center, Hamad Medical Corporation, you can get a wellbeing card for around QR100 and visiting the wellbeing focus is free in the event that you have the right wellbeing card, and just a base charge for any pertinent drugs might be required. 


Cost of different methods of correspondence including home phone rental and call charges, web association and specialist organization expense, cell phone contract and calls, all are similarly costly on a normal, in contrast with different urban communities. Portable and web bills may cost you about QR200 to QR500 contingent upon your utilization. 


Utilities including water, power and gas are sponsored partly by the administration in the area, which possesses these administrations (aside from packaged gas supplies), planning to offer less expensive water and power, to profit the neighborhood populace. Subsequently, utilities are less expensive than most European nations. In any case, in pinnacle summer cooling costs will flood, rather than the expense of warming in other colder nations. 

The water levy in Qatar at present is QR4.40 per cubic meter for upto 20 cubic meters of water, while power duty is about QR0.08/kwh for an utilization of upto 2000kwh. 

The expense of mixed refreshments, for example, wines and spirits, where these are allowed, are a little lower than in the UK, or different nations, in spite of the fact that they are as yet higher than normal European costs. 

Electronic merchandise including TV, DVD players, PC equipment and programming, photographic hardware are for the most part commonly more affordable than in Europe, inferable from lower import obligations. 

Cost of individual consideration items and administrations, for example, beautifying agents and hair care or lotion and sun-square, relief from discomfort tablets, toothpaste, cleanser, cleanser, conditioner, are for the most part similarly costly on a normal in contrast with different countries, contingent upon the brand picked. 

Cost of books, film tickets, DVD and CDs, are relatively more costly than in different urban communities. 

Eateries and eating out costs, for example, business supper, or family supper at a café is similarly costly here. Essential supper out (full) for two, in a mid-go eatery can cost you QR100 to QR250, A McMeal at McDonalds or equal combo dinner can cost QR20 to QR25, while filtered water costs QR0.75 to QR1 (for 0.33 liter container).

By Qatar Day - May 15, 2019

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