Chinese man fired for spending 6 hours a day in toilet

Chinese man fired for spending 6 hours a day in toilet By A Robin - June 04, 2023


A man in China was fired for spending excessive time, up to six hours daily, in the restroom while at work. The employee, Mr. Wang, sought legal action, claiming unfair termination on medical grounds. 

However, even the Chinese courts ruled in favor of the employers.

According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), Mr. Wang joined the company in April 2006, and in December 2014, he underwent treatment for an "anal problem," which led to his frequent bathroom visits.

Although the treatment was initially successful, Mr. Wang maintained that he continued to experience persistent pain, compelling him to spend three to six hours daily in the restroom since July 2015.

As per company records reported by SCMP, from September 7 to 17, 2015, Wang made two to three trips to the restroom during each work shift, totaling 22 visits in that period. 

Remarkably, each visit lasted anywhere from 47 minutes to 3 hours.

Consequently, on September 23 of that year, the company terminated Wang's contract, citing violations of the employee handbook's policies regarding tardiness, early departures, and unapproved absences from work.

Following his termination, Wang pursued arbitration to regain his job. 

However, Wang's plea for reinstatement was unsuccessful despite a lengthy legal process. The courts concluded that his prolonged and extensive daily restroom visits exceeded reasonable physiological requirements. 

The judges ruled that his termination was legally valid and justified.

Meanwhile, the news generated significant attention on Chinese social media, with the majority supporting the employers' decision.

"Spending four hours out of an eight-hour working day in the lavatory? What employer could accept that?" wrote one user. Wrote another, "It’s like being paid to use the loo."

By A Robin - June 04, 2023

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