Can you bring your family while working in Qatar?

Can you bring your family while working in Qatar? By Qatar Day - November 03, 2021
Visa application

Visa application

You got a job in Qatar and you wish to bring your family to the country. But, you have no idea how and where to start.

Take it easy. This article provides some information on how you can sponsor your family to Qatar. Read these guidelines from the National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) Employee’s Handbook and the Qatar Labour Law.

Is it legal to bring your family to live with you during your stay in Qatar?

It is possible for you as a worker after acquiring a Residency Permit (RP) to apply for your family members to stay with you in Qatar on your sponsorship:

• spouse

• underage children

• male children (who did not finish their college up to 25 years)

• unmarried daughters. 

What are the conditions?

If you have appropriate accommodation and your salary is enough to support them during their stay in Qatar (minimum wages decided by the Permanent Immigration Committee at the Ministry of Labor).

It is possible for a working woman to apply to the interior minister to bring her spouse, the minister may consent her application if he finds it justifiable.

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To whom should I apply for bringing my family?

An application must be submitted to the Permanent Committee for Immigration Affairs in the Ministry of Administrative Labor & Social Affairs (MADLSA).

Your request must include:

• A salary certificate from your employer indicating the amount you receive

• Documents to prove you are staying in an appropriate dwelling

• Your marriage certificate

• Birth certificates of your minor children

• Account statement from the bank your salary is transferred to.

NOTE: The application is reviewed by a special committee to determine the merit of your request.

You can also apply for a family visa at the Hukoomi portal.

If your wife starts working after she joins you in Qatar, does that require her to transfer her sponsorship?

A foreign woman who comes to stay with her husband and starts to work after coming here, stays on her husband’s sponsorship.

If the marital relationship ends for any reason, any member of the family may transfer to another applicant after the approval of the competent authority, in accordance with the regulations issued in a decision by the Minister.

Can you sponsor your parents?

This is possible through consent from the interior minister or his deputy giving you permission for your parents to stay with you if this is justifiable.

Can any of your parents and family members visit you during your stay in Qatar, what is the procedure?

You can apply with a request to the general department for passports and immigration affairs to receive a visit visa for them. The period of their stay in Qatar shall not exceed six months after paying fees.

Having an RP allows you to personally sponsor your immediate family members (spouse, sons, daughters) to join them and live in Qatar (see Family Residence Visa below). This will serve as one of your requirements to bring your family to live with you in Qatar. 

Family Residence Visa – permission for your family to stay

Expatriates can sponsor their immediate family members. Every family member, including infants, must have an individual Family Residence Visa. The Visa can be purchased for a period of 1-5 years and is stamped in each family member’s passport.

Applicants are required to submit a number of documents, including authenticated marriage and birth certificates, no-objection letter and salary certificate from their employer.

Registering as a Working Woman

Your wife can work in Qatar, but after registering in the Recruitment Department at the MADLSA and getting a job from hr consultant jobs in Qatar.

A woman who is in Qatar on a family sponsorship and who has approval from her husband may register to work without obtaining a separate work permit. Applicants may visit the Labor Department to complete the application process.

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Can the expat apply for residency for their family members?

16 Article

Residence permits are granted to the spouse of the residence holder, to male children up to the age of twenty-five who have not completed their university education, and to unmarried daughters.

The permit holder's parents may be granted residence permits at the discretion of the Minister or his appointed deputy.

Subject to the provisions of the two preceding paragraphs, the requirements in respect of the granting of residence permits shall be determined by ministerial resolution.

What are the residency terms for children of expat permit holders?

17 Article

A residence permit may be applied for within (60) sixty days of the date of birth or the date of entering the country in respect of a child born to an expatriate whose family has obtained residence permits.

If the child was born outside the country and one or both parents have a valid residence permit, the child shall be permitted to enter the country within two (2) years of its birth.

By Qatar Day - November 03, 2021

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