6 GCC Countries – 6 different types of Thobes

 6 GCC Countries – 6 different types of Thobes By Qatar Day - July 26, 2019
types of thobes

6 Types of Thobes

If you are in GCC states, then you’ve just pushed yourself into a nation that would display various Gulf societies and not simply the nation you are in. 

The Gulf Countries incorporate Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait. When you visit the parks or the shopping centers in any of these nations, you'll discover men dressed throbs that are not quite the same as every person. 

On the off chance that you are living in any Gulf nation, you probably understood that the thobe styles of all Gulf nations are somewhat not the same as one another. You can recognize the national of a nation with his thobe style. 

Qatari: This is produced using a shiny material and has a stiff tassel or shirt pocket. The headwear is known as the Cobra because of the heavily starched to achieve a look that resembles the venomous snake.

Bahraini: these sorts of Kanduras are again very fitted with a soft shirt collar like the ones on a Kamiz. A portion of these would highlight shirt like pockets also. 

The headwear is known as a butterfly which is a simple and elegant look. This permits the free development of the neck, not at all like most others that will restrain you.

Kuwaiti: The Kuwaiti thobe is known as the Kuwaiti Kanduras which are noted for their fantastic utilization of a material featuring a one-button collar and a slim fit.

The head balance is produced using taking the gotra at asymmetrical lengths, falling over the shoulder and throwing the finishes over the head. The shape is by all accounts of a scale when you see it from the front. 

Omani: These Kanduras don't have a collar and are right away and loosely attached just above the breast and are often colorful.

The headwear is known as a Mussar, not at all like the Gotra which is found in whatever is left of the GCC which is embroidered with personalized patterns and details.

Saudi: The Saudi Kanduras are very tight fitted with an a three button collar. They have short sleeves that utilization and need cufflinks.

The headwear is called Bint Al Bakkar which is quite tough to master, yet whenever done as such it gives an incredible look with a red and white checked gotra.

There is some interest among individuals about what Saudis really wear under thobe. 

Emirati: These Kanduras have no collars yet have long sleeves with tassels with coordinating embroideries on the shoulder. The headpiece is called instructors which are just thrown over the shoulders and is and simple to accomplish.

By Qatar Day - July 26, 2019

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