200 citizens got jobs in private sector companies in May: Ministry of Labour

200 citizens got jobs in private sector companies in May: Ministry of Labour By A Robin - June 05, 2022
Private sector jobs

Private sector jobs

The Ministry of Labour has announced the employment of 200 male and female job seekers in the private sector during the month of May.

The ministry said the finance and insurance sectors saw 73 jobs, energy and industry 64 jobs, the communications and information technology sector 12 jobs, services and transportation 41 jobs, real estate and contracting 4 jobs, and private institutions six jobs.

The ministry said 10 companies and institutions that cooperated with the ministry to employ citizens are Qatar National Bank with (52 jobs), Commercial Bank (5 jobs), Al Ahly Bank (2 jobs), Dlala Mediation and Investment Holding Company (4 jobs), and Qatar Airways Group (37 jobs), Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (3 jobs), Woqod (8 jobs), Qatar Steel (5 jobs), Ooredoo  (8 jobs), and Bein Sports Foundation (3 jobs).

The ministry’s efforts since the beginning of the year have contributed to the employment of 729 male and female citizens in private sector companies and institutions, including 103 citizens during January, 114 in February, 120 in March, 192 in April, and 200 during May.

The statistical bulletin of the Ministry of Labor for the month of May showed that the ministry received about 6,091 requests for new recruitment. Out of this, 3,640 requests were approved, and 2,451 requests were rejected.

The total number of requests for amendment reached 2,896 applications. Of this, 2,863 were approved and only 33 applications were rejected.

A total of 1,548 requests for work permits were submitted to the ministry in May. Of the total, 845 requests for permit renewal, 515 to issue new permit, and 186 to cancel issued permits, while the ministry received two requests to issue a replacement.

In terms of inspection visits to recruitment offices, the bulletin showed that the ministry carried out about 33 inspection rounds on recruitment offices, which resulted in the ban of three offices, and one warning.

During the past month, the Labour Inspection Department conducted intensive inspection campaigns to monitor the extent to which establishments comply with the laws and ministerial decisions concerned with regulating the labour market in the country.

The department made a total of 4,262 inspection visits, which resulted in detecting 559 violations. The department recommended to ban 39 establishments. As many 525 notices were issued to remove violations.

Regarding labour complaints, the bulletin showed that the Department of Labour Relations received about 2,068 complaints. Out of which 318 were settled, and 20 complaints were referred, leaving approximately 1,730 complaints under the procedure.

With regard to the labour dispute settlement committees, the bulletin showed that the number of cases referred to these committees during the past month amounted to about 1,696.

By A Robin - June 05, 2022

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