World Cup Atmosphere 'Perceptible', Faith in National Team 'Rock-Solid'

World Cup Atmosphere 'Perceptible', Faith in National Team 'Rock-Solid' By A Robin - August 17, 2022
Qatar legacy Ambassadors

Qatar legacy Ambassadors

Qatar legacy Ambassadors underlined that the approaching FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 narrates a story of long years of dedicated hard efforts exerted by the State of Qatar since the announcement of winning the bid to host the FIFA World Cup until the sporting facilities, playgrounds and infrastructures became fully equipped with all essential infrastructure to launch the mega event.

In inclusive statements to Qatar News Agency (QNA), Legacy Ambassadors - Mubarak Mustafa, Ahmed Khalil and Muhammad Saadoun Al Kuwari - said that all folks started to feel the Mondial atmosphere after all preparations have been fully finalized, which would indubitably make the upcoming edition of this mega event more exceptional in the history of world cup.

The ambassadors cited the big reaction demonstrated by the Qatari spectators - citizens and residents - with the events that have been organized recently by the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy to mark the approaching launch of the Mondial, to be in indication of the great passion and eagerness for the awaited event, after they have embodied an atmosphere as close as possible to the World Cup.

The Legacy Ambassadors talked about the Qatari teams chances in the tournament, as well as the chances of the other three Arab teams in light of the groups they were placed in the draw last April.

For his part, Mohammed Saadoun Al Kuwari said that the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is closer than ever, with the countdown clock entering less than 96 days before the launch of the mega world event; stressing that all the various state institutions have worked hard over the past 12 years for the historic moment with the objective of offering an unprecedented and World Cup edition.

Al Kuwari noted that people of the Arab and Gulf region have proved that they adore the football game, therefore they deserve to be part of the history of this game by hosting the Mondial.

He expressed his pride in Qatar being the bearer of the first hosting torch in the history of the region, stressing its capability to present the event in the best way possible after it has completed all facilities, especially the stadiums, which are now ready after previous operational experiences by hosting a number of events and matches.

He said that the Qatari team will play in Group A which is a difficult group that includes the Netherlands which has a great history, and Senegal, the African champion, as well as Ecuador, however, the Qatari team has the potential to be qualified for a new show after undergoing a long program that included numerous tests by participating in mega tournaments in various continents.

Al Kuwari added that the Arab teams have ample competitive chances in light of the great public support they will receive, which makes them appear as if they are playing on their soil, and this is a historical precedent, as is the case of the Saudi team, which ran out of all tickets for its matches in the first round. Meanwhile, the Moroccan team have players who play in the European leagues, and the Tunisian team has made considerable achievements recently. 

Mubarak Mustafa disregarded any expected pressures with the World Cup championship drawing down, stressing his great faith in the State of Qatar's organizational successes to produce a historic World Cup hosting.

The retired footballer expressed his hopes the Qatari team would get through the World Cup group stage, noting they will be the favorites in their debut against Ecuador, given the Ecuadorian side's less strength compared to other teams in group A. 

He added that the national team became familiar with South American football since their participation in the 2019 Copa America where they clashed with Argentina, Colombia and Paraguay, in addition to playing many friendlies against other reputable teams such as Brazil.

Mustafa stressed that he had great confidence in the Qatari players to offer competitive presence as well as honorable performance given the experiences they acquired during their intensive preparation camps.

Commenting on the Arab national teams taking part in the championship, Mustafa voiced hopes they would give dazzling performances amid expected heavy support Arab fans, calling on the teams that previously appeared in World Cup to give better results, not only the honorable appearance. 

Among all Arab sides competing in the tournament, he picked the first-time World Cup competitor Qatar to suffer the least pressures. 

Former star Ahmed Khalil said the countdown celebrations in Doha brought all fans into the atmosphere of the World Cup before its kickoff, expecting that Qatar will be the favorite destination for all soccer fans worldwide with an exceptional world cup edition.

Khalil lauded the Qatari fans as the first supporter and motivator for the national team for a World Cup competitive appearance. He also commended the Qatari team's preparations within their prolonged program since the junior stages till their appearances in giant international events. 

Khalil described the debut game against Ecuador as the key to a landmark qualifying for the round of 16, praising the team's potentials to achieve the desired goal alluding to their dazzling performances in the Asian Cup and the Gold Cup 2021 and the UEFA World Cup qualifiers where they competed in the first group without calculating the results upon an invitation from the UEFA.

Khalil expressed hopes that wide-scale public support expected for all Arab teams in the tournament would enhance their opportunities to give exceptional results.


By A Robin - August 17, 2022

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