Women actively involved in Qatar's development: Envoy

Women actively involved in Qatar's development: Envoy By A Robin - July 04, 2022
Hissa Al Sulaiti

Hissa Al Sulaiti

The State of Qatar affirmed its interest in building a cohesive society based on justice and equality among all its members and providing them with equal opportunities to access quality education and quality work. It emphasized that government policies supporting Qatari women contributed to building their capabilities and providing them with full opportunities to effectively contribute to the comprehensive renaissance witnessed by the country.

This came in the statement of the State of Qatar delivered today by Second Secretary of the Human Rights Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hissa Al Sulaiti, at the 50th session of the Human Rights Council, during the annual thematic panel discussion on technical cooperation and capacity-building.

Al Sulaiti said that promoting women's rights requires promoting the principle of equality and equity and raising society's awareness of the important roles and responsibilities of all its members.

She added that the State of Qatar has adopted, in this regard, specific initiatives directed at promoting women's involvement in the labor market, in political participation, and in decision-making positions, which was positively reflected in strengthening its role as an active and essential partner in development.

Al Sulaiti noted the initiative of the Women's Work Group recently adopted by the Ministry of Labor in the State of Qatar with the participation of the public and private sectors and academic institutions in the country to serve as a joint cooperation platform for the exchange of experiences, information and best practices that ensure the presence of women at all levels and enhance their active presence, especially in the labor market.

She stressed that the State of Qatar has adopted relevant legislation in the field of protecting women from all manifestations of violence, and has also established specialized institutions such as the Aman center, which operates under the umbrella of the Qatar Foundation for Social Work and seeks to protect and rehabilitate women and children victims of violence and family breakdown and reintegrate them into society.


By A Robin - July 04, 2022

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