Woman set to ‘marry herself’ on June 11

Woman set to ‘marry herself’ on June 11 By A Robin - June 03, 2022
Kshama Bindu

Kshama Bindu

Kshama Bindu says ‘sologamy’ first of its kind in India

A 24-year-old woman from Gujarat’s Vadodra is set to marry herself on June 11.

Kshama Bindu, a young private firm employee, is all set to tie the knot with herself in what is called ‘sologamy’ or ‘self-marriage’.

From the ‘pheras’ to ‘Sindoor’ to a Goa honeymoon, Bindu is going to get married with all rituals and customs of a Hindu wedding. However, the wedding will be missing a groom.

Bindu believes that it is necessary to have a love for each other in a marriage and said that she loves herself and that is why, she is marrying herself.

When she told her parents about her decision to enter into sologamy, her parents were astonished at first but agreed later.

While talking to ANI, she said, “I had this idea in my mind for a long but didn’t think it’d be possible. Then I read about ‘sologamy’. That’s when I thought let’s marry myself.”

The news of her marriage gained mixed reactions from the Twitteratis, Some mocked her, while some supported self-acceptance.

Claiming her marriage to be the first case of ‘sologamy’ in India, Bindu shared that she decided to come into this uncommon arrangement to set a trend in the country.

According to legal experts, the concept of self-marriage is not a binding or a legal affair in India.

As per Hindu law, marriage is a religious sacrament in which a man and a woman are bound in a permanent relationship for the physical, social and spiritual needs for dharma, procreation and sexual pleasure.


By A Robin - June 03, 2022

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