Why Should You Get a Health Card in Qatar?

Why Should You Get a Health Card in Qatar? By Qatar Day - October 23, 2019
Why Should You Get a Health Card in Qatar

Why Should You Get a Health Card in Qatar?

Health Card is a major social security initiative in Qatar which can be utilized by both Citizens and Residents alike. It provides for heavily subsidized healthcare in government-run medical institutions including pharamcies. If you are not adequately covered by private Insurance, getting a health card is very necessary as expenses at private hospitals in Qatar can be quite expensive. Moreover, hospitals and services of Hamad Medical Corporation, a not-for-profit agency established the Qatar government, are modern and efficient. It runs 10 hospitals, seven specialist hospitals and three community hospitals, in secondary and tertiary healthcare sector. The benefit of Health Card can be availed at various primary health centers run by Primary Health Care Corporation.

Getting a Health Card

You can apply for a new Health Card at the nearest Primary Health Care Center (PHCC). There are 23 such centers in Qatar and you can see the locations and their service area Here.  Once you fill the appropriate forms, you will be issued a file number. Qatari and GCC nationals have to submit copies of passport or Qatar ID. Residents have to submit the copy of their residence permit mandatorily. QID of sponsor is also needed for those who work as domestic staff. For children, birth certificate and vaccination card (if they are born in or had their vaccinations in Qatar for expat children) is also to be submitted. 

A passport size photograph is needed for application, but it’s better to keep more with you. A copy of any utility bill like phone, water or electricity also has to be submitted as proof of residence. The fee is QR50 for Qataris and residents from GCC Countries and QR100 for non-GCC adult residents and their children. Fees for domestic staff will be determined based on the professions approved by the Ministry of Interior. You have to pay this via electronic means as no cash is accepted for fees. The Health Card application is processed only in the morning working hours. So, you have to ensure to reach a centre as early as possible.  

The Health Card may be issued immediately. Otherwise, you have to collect it after some days. 

Renewing Health Card

Renewing a health card is fairly simple and you can do it online through the government portal Hukoomi. You can use this webpage to check the expiry of the card and to reprint a lost or damaged card also. Renewal of the card can be done immediately at all HMC hospitals also.  

The fee for renewal is QR50 for Qatari citizens for five years and QR100 for residents for one year. You can choose the number of years you want to renew the card and pay appropriate fees. For reprinting a valid card which is lost or damaged, Qataris have to pay QR50 and residents, QR100. If the card is an expired one the fees are double, QR100 for Qataris and QR200 for residents. 

When applying online, you can also choose a delivery method. You may collect the card either at Health Card Workshop or at villa # 20 near to Women Hospital for free. You may pay a fee of QR10 to collect it from a nearest post office or QR20 to get it delivered to you. Don’t forget to select the option for getting notifications on the card through SMS. 

By Qatar Day - October 23, 2019

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