White Bumps on Gums: The Important Things You Need To Know

 White Bumps on Gums: The Important Things You Need To Know By Qatar Day - August 05, 2020
 White Bumps on Gums The Important Things You Need To Know

White Bumps on Gums: The Important Things You Need To Know

There are a lot of gum problems and diseases out there that we need to be aware of for us to know its causes and possible remedies. One of these gum conditions is the white bumps on gums that could be worsen if not treated the soonest possible time.

So, what is this bumps on gums and what are the things to do when you have one?

This article is intended to answer all your concerns regarding this gum condition and hopes to provide you the best ways to prevent and cure them. Read through this article and improve your dental care tocut through the tissuesday.

What are White Bumps on the Gums?

White bumps on the gums, also called gum boils are the most common oral condition that is found in the roof of a person’s mouth, lips or gums.

This gum infection causes inflammation around the bump and may consist abscess.It usually measures five millimeters in diameter.

Gum boils are said to be the drainage points for abscesses in the teeth roots since the moment that a tooth’s nerve dies, it will find a way to exit the dead tooth near its main roots.

As a defense mechanism of your body to fight against this infection, it will send white blood cells which then turn into abscess once it dies off. This abscess will eventually cut through the tissues and drain.

What Causes Gum Boils?

Gum boils are usually caused by a non-vital tooth or occluded periodontal. When gum boils are caused by non-vital tooth or tooth that died because of decay or infection, it is typically located forming the apex of the offending tooth or near the mucogingival junction.

Periodontal tooth occurs contiguous deeply to the periodontal pocket.

Gum boils are also known to be caused by hygiene issues that resulted to bacterial infection. It is always best to take the necessary measures to maintain dental health at an excellence level and to refer to dental professionals when this condition arises.

Although you can always call the doctor whenever you have gum infections, it is still vital to know these home remedies when medical assistance is not accessible.

Home Remedies for White Bumps on Gums

Gargle With Salt

Salt is known to be a bacteria fighter and minimizer. Adding two teaspoons of salt in a glass of lukewarm water and gargling it twice a day will be the great help to treat this white bumps on your gums.

Sat which is dissolved in water will help you kill the bacteria, eliminate the infection and reduce the inflammation and swelling.

As cliché as it may sound but an apple a day will certainly keep the doctor away.

The firm flesh which only the apple fruit has the ability to stimulate the gums and makes it as the nature’s best toothbrush.

Apple also contains malic acid that is good for the teeth and gums as it has natural elements that can clean the teeth and prevent build ups of plaques.

The anti-inflammatory properties of lemon and its richness in Vitamin C makes it a very effective solution for gum problems such as gum boils.

Squeeze 4 to 5 pieces of lemons and use its juice for consumption twice a day. This will help your overall dental health to be at its excellent condition. If you prefer to add salt to the lemon juice, you can also do so.

Aloe Vera

It has already been established that Aloe Vera has healing abilities that can take on almost all kinds of diseases. Its anti-inflammatory properties is provided by the fatty carboxylic acids which it abundantly contain.

It also has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties that are very suitable in reducing the bacteria and the infection. Aloe Vera is undoubtedly recommended for inflammation reduction.

How to Get Rid of Gum Boils?

It is very important that the abscess be drained as it will continue the pain and the infection if it is still untreated. So, the best thing to do to fight the remaining infection is to take antibiotics.

In addition, since the gum boil is only the visible problem, it is best to treat the main source of the problem by having a root canal for the dying tooth.

Future Prevention for Gum Boils

As we all know, gum boils are only a symptom of a different gum condition which can be in relation to a dying tooth.

To further prevent gum boils from happening in the future is to improve one’s oral hygiene. So, make sure to brush your teeth at least three times a day and use mouth wash to keep your dental health in check.

Proper diet and sleeping well is also a varying factor to prevent having gum boils in the future. What you need to remember is all the infections and diseases are caused by a lack of proper care in one’s health and entire body. So, it all comes down to your lifestyle and hygiene.


Our dental health is very important as its failure to function properly will greatly affect the entire system. It is very vital that you take care of it and to keep its health and condition in check.

White bumps on gums are often neglected until it provides total discomfort to a person’s life, it should be taken as wakeup call for all of us as it is an indication that there is something wrong in our system that is not visible to the eye.

We have provided you all your needed information for you to expand your knowledge regarding white bumps on gums. We only hope that this article has helped you in ways you prefer and wish that you share these ideas to those who also need it.

Drop your comments and suggestions below for us to discuss your thoughts regarding this matter. We look forward to hearing your ideas and additional thoughts on this topic. 

By Qatar Day - August 05, 2020

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