Where to Find the Best Arabic Desserts and Sweets in Qatar

Where to Find the Best Arabic Desserts and Sweets in Qatar By Akanksha Mudgal - September 27, 2022
Where to Find the Best Arabic Desserts and Sweets in Qatar

Here are some Sweet Shops with the Best Arabic Desserts in Qatar

If you enjoy sweets, you'll enjoy Arabic desserts since they include a little bit of everything. There will undoubtedly be something for everyone, from baklava and Umm Ali to sweet cheese pastry Kunafa. Here are some sweet shops that are a must-visit if you’re looking for delicious Arabic desserts.

Al Aker Sweets

Al Aker Sweets specializes in creating some of the most authentic Arabic Sweets in the entire world. Their sweets are not only about tradition, but it’s also about love, passion, family and offering the best products to their customers.

Location: Google Maps

Contact: +974 4411 1175

Patisserie Suisse 

Patisserie Suisse is one of the best places to buy traditional Arabic sweets and desserts. While you are there don't forget to try their freshly bakes cookies and cakes. Their staff is very friendly and will suggest the best sweets for you to try.

Location: Google Maps

Contact: +974 4432 3234

Nafeeseh Sweets

Nafeeseh Sweets presents the most authentic taste to its customers. Their unique sweets and desserts are made from the highest quality ingredients. Their original style of sweet making is a majestic harmony for your palette that nobody has tried ever. 

Location: Google Maps

Contact: +974 4444 8007

Sukar Pasha 

Sukar Pasha delivers distinctive flavours in a unique way that appeals not only to your stomach but also to your eyes by mixing classic tastes with a new approach. They have a wide selection of delectable sweets at their shop.

Location: Google Maps

Contact: +974 4408 2000

Al Hallab Sweets

Al Hallab Sweets is a delight for a person with a sweet tooth since there are lots of sweets to choose from. The desserts are high quality with good packing that ensures the tastiest and most fresh pastries for you to indulge in. 

Location: Google Maps

Contact: +974 3311 1881

Wooden Bakery

Wooden Bakery serves the most delicious and vast range of Arabic sweets in the Middle East; maintaining simplicity and the highest quality of ingredients. Their Middle Eastern home-style sweets are sure to make your mouth water. 

Location: Google Maps

Contact: +974 4039 3646

By Akanksha Mudgal - September 27, 2022

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