What the Boston Nightlife is All About

What the Boston Nightlife is All About By Digital Solutions - September 28, 2021
What the Boston Nightlife is All About and Boston houses for sale

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Looking for something to do after dark in good ol’ Beantown. Here’s what you need to know about the Boston nightlife…

Work Hard, Play Hard

The people of Boston have long been known for taking their jobs very, very seriously. The majority of us are no-nonsense blue-collar folk, and that’s how we like it. Boston houses for sale don’t come cheap, after all, and we’ve all got mortgages to pay.
That doesn’t mean we don’t know how to have a good time, though. Quite the opposite, Boston is known just as much for its party-hearty spirit as its nose-to-the-grind work ethic. When you bust your butt all day to make a buck, you have to be able to let off some steam.

What’s a Boston local’s favorite way to unwind? Having a glass of beer, of course! In this city, the pickings are anything but slim. Boston boasts several breweries, including major companies like Samuel Adams, Trillium, and Harpoon. In fact, of the 111 visitable breweries in the state of Massachusetts, Boston is home to no less than 20.

Likewise, the city’s North End is jam-packed with historic taverns, although if beer isn’t your drink of choice, there are plenty of well-stocked wine bars to choose from. Just remember to drink responsibly.

Diverse People, Diverse Options

Being that Irish-Americans form the single largest ethnic group in Boston, it’s no surprise that the city has developed a reputation for having a rowdy nightlife scene. However, they can’t get all the credit (or blame, depending on your point of view). As one of the biggest cities in New England, Boston has a very high diversity index.

What does that mean for nightlife? It means a lot of different people with a lot of different tastes all coming together to have fun. As a result, Boston has a wide array of entertainment options after the sun goes down, many of which are pretty dang unique.

Case in point: in addition to the usual clubs, bars, and music venues, Boston is also home to such notable attractions as Jacque’s Cabaret, where patrons of all gender identities can enjoy not only Drag Burlesque, but Drag Stand-Up and even Drag Karaoke, too! Or there’s Boston Bowl, a 24-hour entertainment complex featuring bowling, batting cages, billiards, and an old-school arcade.

\My personal favorite? Adult Night at Legoland, where you can ride and ride and build all kinds of obscene contraptions without worrying about scarring someone’s nine-year-old nephew.

Always Safe, Never Sorry

Nothing ruins a night on the town like someone having a few too many drinks and making a fool of themselves. If you don’t know anyone like that, look in the mirror; it might be you! In all seriousness, the Boston nightlife scene places a premium on making sure everyone has a good time and is kept safe.

To do this, Boston has a few rules and regulations in regards to alcohol that non-locals might find a bit surprising. For instance, saying “the next round is on me” will get you nowhere. Group refills aren’t a thing here; a single person can’t order more than two drinks at a time. That’s probably good news for your wallet anyway.

On a similar note, you can’t order a pitcher of beer if there aren’t at least three people at your table. And stop asking for the bartender to give you a special discount, because it’s illegal. Worse, it’s annoying.

Though some might find Boston’s alcohol laws to be a buzzkill, they pay off in the end. A recent study showed that Massachusetts has one of the safest states in the US when it comes to drunk driving.

By Digital Solutions - September 28, 2021

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