What’s the Purpose of Corporate Video Production?

What’s the Purpose of Corporate Video Production? By Shahbaz Ahmed - February 14, 2024


Most people have at least a basic understanding of the role and importance of creating and sharing video content for business marketing and advertising purposes – specifically, commercial videos. Your video marketing strategy, however, should not be limited to commercial video alone. Corporate video production also plays an important role in the strategic arsenal of many different types of business.

The popularity of video and its saturation is only expanding as we move further into the 2020s, and the success of YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and similar platforms demonstrates this. Video is not just highly valuable for advertising to and entertaining consumers – it can also be an important aspect of your business’s internal operations.

Corporate video production relates to corporate video content. Corporate videos are produced by a company or other organization for either internal or external messaging. Contrary to commercial videos, which are crafted for the ultimate purpose of converting consumers, corporate videos are primarily created for specific audiences including employees/staff, shareholders, and other invested parties.

Corporate videos can serve several purposes, including:

·  Company promotion

·  Corporate communication

·  Stakeholder/shareholder/investor information dissemination

·  Stakeholder/shareholder/investor relationship-building and nurturing

·  Recruitment

·  Staff instruction and training

·  Internal messaging

·  Team building

·  Client testimonials

·  Public relations and media releases

·  Crisis communication and management

·  Community incentivization

While corporate videos can be created for customer targeting, in most cases they are company-focused rather than product-focused.

Branding videos, for example, may be commercial or corporate, depending on their focus and messaging.

Why Invest in Video Content?

Video is arguably the most powerful medium and communication channel available today, and its value for marketers can’t be understated…

90% of the information the human brain receives is visual in nature, and most people are more attuned to and responsive to videos than they are to written content. This is because the brain processes visual information 60,000 times more quickly than it does text.

Video stands head and shoulders above other communication channels in terms of engagement, distribution, potential reach, and conversion rates.

Marketing researchers have discovered that:

·  Online leads are more than 27 times more likely to click on a video than a banner ad.

·  The average information retention rate is 95% higher for video audiences than for text-based audiences (who retain around only 10% of what they read).

Consuming video is a passive activity – it requires far less effort to process than reading or listening to audio alone. (This explains why so many people can effortlessly spend hours on the weekend bingeing the latest Netflix series, while the idea of spending the same amount of time wading through a novel does not hold the same appeal for most).

Invest in Corporate Videos for Your Business

From attracting job applicants to inducting new employees, informing and training staff, communicating with relevant parties, and developing your brand and company profile and reputation, you need to know your investment in your company is sound. This means creating engaging, successful content that will meet the needs of your company as well as your audience.

Video is the answer.

Partner with a professional, experienced marketing agency that offers corporate video production services. Your ROI will speak for itself.


1. What is the purpose of corporate video production?

Corporate video production serves to create videos for internal or external use that convey a company's message, brand, products, or services in a compelling and engaging manner.

2. How can corporate videos benefit my business?

Corporate videos can be used for diverse purposes such as marketing, training, recruitment, brand building, showcasing products/services, and enhancing communication with employees and stakeholders.

3. What types of corporate videos can be produced?

Various types of corporate videos include promotional videos, training videos, testimonials, product demonstrations, event coverage, company introductions, and more.

4. How are corporate videos different from other types of video content?

Corporate videos are specifically tailored to represent a company's brand identity, objectives, and values while conveying key messages to target audiences. They often have a more professional tone compared to other video content.

5. Can I use a corporate video for marketing purposes?

Yes, corporate videos are frequently used in marketing strategies to showcase products/services or to communicate the brand's narrative in an impactful way across various platforms.


By Shahbaz Ahmed - February 14, 2024
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