Want to change job in Qatar in fixed term contract? A few facts

Want to change job in Qatar in fixed term contract? A few facts By Qatar Day - March 11, 2020
Want to change job in Qatar in fixed term contract

Want to change job in Qatar in fixed term contract? A few facts

The new labor truly make the process of job change in Qatar far easier than before. The new Qatari Labor law is called Number 21 of 2015 which directs Residency, entry, and exit of foreign workers. Job change was not easier before as if any expat try to change change job without informing the employer, they were slapped a ban of up to 2 years but now with the new labor law this ban is removed.  

The main highlight of this law is contracts which give both the employer and the employee a time frame or a validity of Job.This implies that if contract is 2 year, worker have no obligation to work beyond 2 years, it is up to the employee wish he can renew the current contract or can look for other job with a new employer.

There is no compelling reason to get approval from Employer if the contract is expired and the employee wish to change the job, employee can directly tell his employer and concerned MOI and MOL about his desire to change job. 

Now according to New Labor Laws 2017 if you wish for job change, it is better to be aware of the below facts 

1.) To start with you should comprehend what is close ended contract likewise called limited contract and what is open ended also known as unlimited contract. 

Close ended contract: It is a fixed term contract in which employee need to complete the service as per the years given in contract, once the contract term is over he can change work or renew his agreement.

Open ended contract: No fixed term is mentioned in the contract, worker can stay in work for quite a long time, the maximum age will be 60 at which he need to be retired. 

2.) Changing Job in Close end contract: 

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a. As a matter of first importance business must have substitute worker after you leave the job and this is mandatory.

b. You are ready that you want to change job after contract term is over.

c. As indicated by law you need to submit application to MOL before 30 days of agreement expiry date. 

d. Residency permit for current employer must be substantial for a six months.

e. Apply for sponsorship transfer. 

Expenses for job change 

a. If it is the first time, employee is changing the job individual sponsorship he need to Pay QR 1000 and organization sponsorship fee is QR 2000. 

b. For second time change of job payment is QR 2500 for companies and QR 1500 for individuals.

c. Third or additional time job change fee is QR 3000 for companies and QR 2000 for individuals. 

By Qatar Day - March 11, 2020

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