Visual Storytelling for Different Platforms Course Concludes at QNA

Visual Storytelling for Different Platforms Course Concludes at QNA By A Robin - November 12, 2023
Visual Storytelling

Visual Storytelling

Qatar News Agency (QNA) concluded Thursday the training course "Visual Storytelling for Different Platforms", which was held at its headquarters as part of a series of courses organized by QNA with the aim of training national media cadres and raising their efficiency in the specialized media and journalistic fields.

The "Visual Storytelling for Different Platforms for Different Platforms" course lasted for five days, and aimed to develop and improve the skills of relevant employees in various government institutions, and provide them with the necessary tools, knowledge to deal with press photos and video for different platforms, learn about the qualitative perspective of the image, the stages of producing images and video clips, and the mechanism of distributing and publishing them across various platforms.

The course included many important aspects in the field of photojournalism, such as an introduction to visual storytelling for different platforms, narration, and the directorial vision in photography, as well as the preparatory stages for photography, the pre-production stage, the production stage, and the post-production stage, in addition to training participants on selecting and analyzing images in various media, its importance, media content and creative direction of the content.

The course topics also focused on many important applied aspects in the field of photojournalism, such as the good planning and organization in the pre-production stage, ensure that the work is completed on time with the best possible results, the proposed scenario for photographing events, and produce the image by phone directly from the event site.

At the conclusion of the course, the trainees presented graduation projects by producing photographic film material with the aim of measuring the extent of benefit from this training and the qualitative experience provided by the QNA to its trainees in specialized photography and video.

The importance of holding and implementing the intensive training course (visual storytelling for different platforms) lies in the fact that it contributed to improving the participants abilities in both types of photography and video, as it provided a valuable opportunity for employees in the participating institutions to expand their knowledge and improve their skills in photography through its various platforms, and train them on effective methodologies for dealing with and analyzing images. It also provided the opportunity for fruitful interaction and exchange between participants, in the well prepared training halls in QNA.

Qatar News Agency inaugurated last March the QNA Training Halls, at the agencys headquarters, in line with its vision of developing cadres in the media field by offering specialized, qualitative training programs, and out of its keenness to provide the media arena with qualified young Qatari cadres capable of keeping pace with transformations and developments. In this important field.


By A Robin - November 12, 2023

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