Video: Emirati funds, attends former maid's wedding in her home country

Video: Emirati funds, attends former maid's wedding in her home country By Qatar Day - March 28, 2021
Emirati Influencer and former maid

Emirati family's love and appreciation for their domestic help garners 34m views on social media

Last week, renowned Emirati social media influencer, Khalid Al Ameri, and his wife kept their promise to fund and attend the wedding ceremony of their former Ugandan housemaid. The event went viral on social media platforms over the weekend.

Al Ameri, a YouTuber, and a vlogger, had in December 2020 shared a video in which he bade farewell to his housemaid, Sarah Nasanga, who had worked for his family for six years.

In the video, which was shared by over 34 million (m) people, the Emirati surprised the Ugandan housemaid, with send-off cash that she never expected.

Al Ameri said to Nasanga that the cash was a gift from him and his wife, Salama, in appreciation for her excellent services and the great care she shown to their children.

“You were not just a housemaid in our home. You had become part of our family and everyone is going to miss you,” he said as he bade farewell to Nasanga who was returning to her native Uganda to get married after diligently serving the family for six years.

“You are so important to all of us, and we wish you good luck,” he added.

Al Ameri also promised the Ugandan that he would finance her wedding party and that he and his family would be attending the ceremony.

Nasanga was so overwhelmed by her boss’s humanitarian gesture. She cried copious tears of joy and hugged her bosses in appreciation and bade goodbye to them. Al Ameri’s two children were saddened by her departure and never wanted to leave her when she hugged them to say goodbye.

The Ugandan housemaid was so friendly to them. She could sing beautiful songs in her local language to the two boys and they had even learned many words in her language.

Al Ameri has promised to take the children along with him and their mother to Uganda to attend Nasanga’s wedding.

Last week, Al Ameri and his family members flew to Uganda to attend the wedding that held on Friday (April 9).

A group of Ugandans and some tourism officials gave a warm welcome to Al Ameri’s family members.

They were welcomed with traditional dance, fresh flowers, and a national flag of the east African country.

They were later taken to a tour of the gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Kanungu District in south-western Uganda.

Later, they returned to Uganda’s capital, Kampala, where they attended Nasanga’s wedding at Namirembe Cathedral Church.

“I’m super excited. I’m so grateful to Al Ameri and his family. They have shown me love, care since the time I joined the family,” said Nasanga after the wedding.

“He and his wife have treated me like their own family and have made my wedding such an honorable event. May God bless them.”

Her mum said: “I’m so delighted with what my daughter has accomplished. I’m very happy that she worked diligently when I sent her to the UAE and behaved so well towards her employer that they were impressed and contributed a lot to the wedding in appreciation.”

By Qatar Day - March 28, 2021

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