Valuable lessons to take from living in a pandemic

Valuable lessons to take from living in a pandemic By Qatar Day - December 27, 2020
Valuable lessons to take from living in a pandemic

Valuable lessons to take from living in a pandemic

2020 has brought us some strange events. Undoubtedly, the strangest and most unpredictable of all was COVID-19, which has affected everybody in one way or another. No matter your age, gender or where you are from in the world, COVID-19 has been really impactful on all of our lives. While it has brought a lot of tragedy, going forward, we must learn from the pandemic and transfer the skills we have developed into future life so that we are more prepared for this kind of thing in the future.

1. Helping Others Who Are Less Fortunate

One thing that COVID-19 has done for many people is help them to realize that they are very fortunate in many ways and this has helped them be appreciative of the privileges that exist in their own lives. It has also helped people be more empathetic for those who are not so fortunate. Alight does some amazing work globally and helps mitigate against the worldwide COVID-19 impact by doing work in countries which have been hit hard by its effects. If you have a little to spare this month, donating to organizations like this is an amazing way that you can use your privilege to help others.

2. Checking Up On Family And Friends

For many people, mental health has been something that has suffered quite a lot during the pandemic. Having to adapt your lifestyle dramatically in terms of work, your social life and your hobbies can be quite overwhelming. Additionally, some people may not have the best home environment, so it can be quite difficult when you are suddenly confined to the realms of your house. Therefore, you should try and put some extra effort in to checking up on those you know regularly to ensure that they aren’t feeling too lonely. If you are able to meet up with them, going for a quick coffee is a great way of catching up and will be very meaningful. If not, facetiming or calling weekly is also valuable.

3. Keeping A Positive Mental Attitude

While it is super difficult to plan life properly and know what is coming next, trying to remain positive and take each day as it comes is one of the best things you can do. It is good to try and find a balance between staying safe and protected from the virus, but also not jeopardizing your mental health too much. You should try and find some new hobbies that you can do while being indoors, such as crocheting, learning a new language, or painting. Spending a little bit of time making your home somewhere that you enjoy being is also a great way to help you not feel trapped, but instead you can enjoy having a bit more me-time in the comfort of your own home.

None of us knew what was in store for this year and we have been living through unprecedented circumstances for quite some time now. Having to adjust to a ‘new normal’ has not been easy, but sticking together is an amazing way to get through it.

By Qatar Day - December 27, 2020

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