Updated Licensing Process Introduced For Electricians And Plumbers

Updated Licensing Process Introduced For Electricians And Plumbers By Janeesha Sagin - October 04, 2023
Updated Licensing Process Introduced For Electricians And Plumbers

Updated licensing procedure for electricians, plumbers

In Doha, Qatar, the Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) has implemented a tailored testing and licensing process for individual electricians and plumbers, ensuring their legal and approved business operations.

Kahramaa plans to enhance accessibility for all members of Qatari society by publishing a detailed list of accredited contractors and individuals on the Corporation’s official website.

In the implementation, Kahramaa emphasizes that licenses for individual electricians and plumbers will only cover maintenance work, excluding electrical connections and water installations.

Kahramaa has specified the effective date of Ministerial Resolution No. (2) of 2022, issued by the Minister of State for Energy Affairs.

This resolution reinstates regulations governing electrical connections and water installations, outlining criteria for granting and renewing licenses. It takes effect starting today.

To ensure smooth implementation of this resolution, Kahramaa has taken several steps to simplify the license application procedure.

These steps involve creating theoretical and practical exams for contractors, showcasing Kahramaa's strategic approach to staying alert to regulatory shifts and swiftly and efficiently adapting to them.

In line with this resolution, Kahramaa emphasizes that customers and property owners must engage only with contractors or technicians approved by the Corporation for electrical and water installations. This ensures a higher standard of service aligned with Kahramaa’s guidelines.

Additionally, the resolution grants customers and property owners the ability to verify professionals' licensing status, facilitated by scanning QR codes on Kahramaa-issued license cards. This measure fosters trust and transparency, ensuring expert and reliable service delivery.

The resolution outlines specific obligations for both contractors and property owners. Contractors must fulfill requirements during the application, adhere to safety regulations, and provide accurate data. Property owners are mandated to work only with licensed contractors, supply precise information, and have designated personnel during technical discussions with Kahramaa representatives. These obligations ensure compliance, efficiency, and effective communication.

Kahramaa's President, Eng Essa bin Hilal Al Kuwari, highlights the resolution's significance in guiding energy and water sectors in Qatar. He underscores ongoing efforts in technical training and collaboration with contractors, ensuring a smooth licensing process and addressing related inquiries and concerns.

By Janeesha Sagin - October 04, 2023

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