Ukraine receives anti-aircraft missiles from Lithuania

Ukraine receives anti-aircraft missiles from Lithuania By A Robin - February 13, 2022
Lithuania military aid

Lithuania's military aid including Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, delivered as part of the security support package for Ukraine, is unloaded from a ?17 Globemaster III plane at the Boryspil International Airport outside Kyiv, Ukraine

Ukraine on Sunday received a consignment of Stinger anti-aircraft missile systems and ammunition by plane from Lithuania, the defense ministry in Kyiv said.

Earlier on Sunday two other planes delivered about 180 tonnes of ammunition from the United States, Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov said. Ukraine had so far received almost 1,500 tonnes of ammunition delivered on 17 flights, he said on Twitter.

Military officials say Ukraine has significantly strengthened its armed forces with the help of allies, equipping the army, in particular, with American and British anti-tank systems and Turkish drones.

The United States and allies say Russia could invade Ukraine at any moment. Russia, which has more than 100,000 troops massed near Ukraine, denies having any such plan.

Reporting by Pavel Polityuk


By A Robin - February 13, 2022

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