UDC Receives Two Awards in Community Services and Business Sustainability

UDC Receives Two Awards in Community Services and Business Sustainability By A Robin - August 10, 2023
UDC Receives Two Awards

UDC Receives Two Awards

The United Development Company (UDC), the master developer of The Pearl Island and Gewan Island, has been announced winner of the Communitas Award 2023 - Community Services Excellence Award - and the SEAL Environmental Initiatives Award 2023 for the second consecutive year.

The awards recognize UDC's efforts to follow sophisticated and intelligent methodologies inspired by global best practices in community services, and highlight its unwavering commitment to sustainability and the successful implementation of environmental initiatives.

The Communitas Awards were established in 2010, in Dallas, USA. Communitas is a Latin word that means "people coming together for the good of a community". The award recognizes exceptional community service businesses, initiatives, community engagements, organizations, and individuals that generously give of themselves and their resources, and those that are changing how they do business to benefit their communities.

UDC won the award due to its all-encompassing role in serving the community through UDCs official contact center on The Pearl Island "ITTISAL". The Communitas Award recognizes The Pearl Island community services for the luxury level of service provided in terms of cleaning, maintenance, and waste management. It also recognizes behind the scenes operations to maintain the community at a high level.

On the other hand, the SEAL Business Sustainability Award is part of the SEAL Business Sustainability Awards which stand for sustainability, environmental achievement, and leadership; and recognizes organizations in four award categories: environmental initiative, sustainable innovation, sustainable product, and sustainable service.

UDC won the award for its commitment to sustainability and the success of its environmental initiatives. It was honored amongst 50 global companies with sustainable impact.

UDC was honored for its carbon emissions reduction efforts, activities, and sustainably driven projects at The Pearl Island, including its 5-year comprehensive strategy for carbon reduction, that covers the usage of waste management and recycling procedures, such as ENVAC, a smart waste disposal system, and the application of energy reservation and optimization measures.

In July 2023, the United Development Company (UDC) won the Green Apple Environment Award for Beautiful Buildings 2023, a prestigious international award from the Green Organization that recognizes organizations that adopt the best environmental practices around the world.


By A Robin - August 10, 2023

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