Traffic department is ready for Eid Al Fitr rush

Traffic department is ready for Eid Al Fitr rush By A Robin - April 20, 2023
Traffic Congestion

Traffic Congestion

The General Directorate of Traffic has its preparations for controlling and securing traffic during Eid Al Fitr all set, adopting a comprehensive plan which sets to intensify patrols and traffic police officers all over the country. The Directorate called on the public- citizens, residents, and visitors alike- to use public transportation to reduce traffic congestion and easily reach their destinations.

The Assistant Director of the Media and Traffic Awareness Department at the General Directorate of Traffic, Lieutenant Colonel Jaber Mohamed Odaiba, said in an exclusive statement to Qatar News Agency that the Directorate has prepared a comprehensive plan for traffic control during the blessed days of Eid Al Fitr, a rush period annually.

He added that the traffic plan sets to intensify police patrols and traffic police officers around mosques, Eid prayer areas, residential areas, and areas surrounding malls, commercial streets, markets, parks and tourist attractions around the clock.

Lieutenant Colonel Jaber Odaiba explained that the plan considers the movement of vehicles around malls and commercial and residential areas on the eve of Eid. As for the morning of the first day of Eid, the focus will be on mosques and Eid prayer areas. In addition, the plan will address tourist attractions and parks in the evening and night periods, given the heavy traffic that occurs in given locations and at specific times, such as the Corniche, the Pearl, Lusail and Katara. Additionally, traffic police patrols will control traffic on highways throughout the day.

He urged drivers and road users to abide by traffic rules and safe driving etiquette to ensure the safety of lives and property, with everyone reaching their destinations safely and promptly.

The Assistant Director of the Media and Traffic Awareness Department also called on the public to use public transport to move easily, especially given the remarkable development of the public transportation network, whose great efficiency was proven during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Lieutenant Colonel Jaber Odaiba elaborated that Qatar has an advanced public transportation network, which includes the metro network, providing safe, smooth, and distinct transportation services, connecting the most vital and touristic areas in the country, such as Corniche, Katara, the Pearl, and Lusail, supported by a fleet of Metrolink buses to move from and to metro stations, in addition to the park and go parking lots around metro stations.

In the context of his statement to QNA, he referred to the traffic awareness plan implemented by the Department during the holy month of Ramadan and said that it came within the comprehensive annual awareness plan for 2023, aiming to introduce all road users to the economic, social, and health risks of traffic accidents, and in its effort to maintain and increase road traffic safety, reducing the rates of traffic accidents, severe injuries, and death.

Lieutenant Colonel Jaber Odaiba also pointed out that the annual plan seeks to change the traffic behaviour of all society members to ensure their safety and protection from the dangers of traffic accidents, expanding traffic behaviour awareness to all segments of society and providing them with sound road usage practices and information.

The Media and Traffic Awareness Departments annual traffic plan includes workshops and training targeting traffic department personnel covering various administrative, organizational, and media-related aspects, in addition to strategic planning and traffic management, not to mention that it offers lectures, programs, and awareness campaigns to various institutions, entities, schools, driving schools, limousine companies and others.


By A Robin - April 20, 2023

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