Top 7 Recreational Fishing Spots in Qatar

Top 7 Recreational Fishing Spots in Qatar By Naveed - December 07, 2023
Top Seven Recreational Fishing Spots in Qatar

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Qatar's coastal haven boasts countless recreational fishing spots, each offering its own unique charm and promising an unforgettable angling experience. From the bustling Doha Bay to the serene shores of Al Ruwais, Qatar's fishing destinations cater to enthusiasts of all levels.

Halat Umm Al Khayfan

Harat Umm Al Khaifan is a popular fishing spot in Doha and is filled with anglers on weekends. The area accessible by boat is very small, so there is not much space on the beach.
Doha's best fishing spots are located fairly close to each other, so you should consider whether you have enough time to see each one. This fishing spot is now full of people who fish for fun or for pay.  Even if this place is crowded, it doesn't affect the fun or experience, as many people are having a good time there.

Location: Ruqq Quraynayn, east of Al Wakrah


Al Safliya Island Beach

This is one of the best fishing spots in Doha. It is an island with a gentle breeze that cancels out the waves and returns them to their rightful place. Since the island is very close to the coast,  it may not be the best fishing spot for long trips, as you will have to return to the island after your trip elsewhere. However, if you're only here for the weekend, it can be a good fishing experience, as there are plenty of fish to be caught in this area.

If you’re planning on going fishing on Al Safliya Island, make sure you are aware of the restrictions around that area so that your trip does not end up landing on another fishy spot.

Location: Al Safliya Island, Qatar


Ras Al Nasa Fishing Spot

This is another good option if you’re looking for a fishing area in Doha with a beautiful ocean view. The location is convenient to the beach and has a nominal entrance fee. If you’re going fishing and want to go somewhere where the scenery is familiar but the fish aren’t, this is the spot to go. It is a beautiful setting overlooking the Ras Abu Aboud stadium. There’s a park nearby, making it a great place to bring the family or go fishing. Conveniently reachable by both car and walk. Incredibly stunning as the sun sets and casts a crimson hue over the ocean. You might observe schools of fish jumping through the water if you're lucky. It’s a pleasant change of pace from the metropolis.

Location: Ras Al Nasa Fishing Spot


Corniche Fishing Spot

The area is vast, so if you’re looking for a stress-free journey, it’s best to stick to permitted fishing boats for an amazing fishing trip. Water activities are also popular in this area if fishing is something other than your thing.
While the abundance of ships and the difficulty of finding peace on the beach may be drawbacks, the location makes up for them by providing opportunities to see marine life and everyday life.

Location:  Al Corniche, Doha


Al Khor Fishing Spot

Surrounded by the lush, green mangrove grass, Al Khor on the northeast coast is another place you should visit to enjoy fishing. You can catch a lot of shrimp and bait fish here. During the high tide in winter, you can see a lot of birds here. Just stand on the corner where the green grass is 
converting to a transparent shade. You can easily catch small fish here.

Location: Al Thakhira, Al Khor

Banana Island

Banana Island is a famous luxury resort in the country, located on a crescent-shaped island with a beautiful golden beach. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Banana Island is perfect for those looking for a quiet retreat and some of the best fishing in the area. At the southernmost end of the beach, there is a short pier where you can dock your boat and swim into the sea. For a small fee, fishermen can rent nearby boats to take them to less shark-infested beaches. The length of the island's coast is about 20 kilometers, so anyone who wants to fish on the island can do so without worry. Fish often wrap around the beach and protect the dunes. Tourists flock to this island not only for its beautiful and relaxing scenery but also for its excellent fishing experience.

Location: Banana Island

Al Aaliya Island

Spreading to an area of approximately 2 km lies Al Aaliya Island, which is home to many birds and fishes in the country. The Island is located near the northern region of The Pearl and is one of the most-visited tourist destinations in the country.  The unique brown sand of the island makes it a very popular place in itself that you can explore to admire the enticing coastline of the Gulf region, where many flamingos can also be spotted. 

Location: The coast of the municipality of Al Daayen, north of The Pearl, Qatar

By Naveed - December 07, 2023

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