To Expect When Apartment Shopping in Houston

To Expect When Apartment Shopping in Houston By Digital Solutions - August 31, 2021
Apartment Shopping in Houston

Houston Shopping

Texas is quickly growing as one of the most-moved-to states in the USA: Houston is where most people are coming.  Although this city is already one of the four largest in the country, it often surprises people when they realize just how many people they're competing against for an apartment or home.

If you’re ready to move to Space City, here are some things to keep in mind while you’re apartment shopping.

Areas Cheaper Where It’s Flooded

Houston floods every five to ten years, depending on what the hurricane season brings.  Unfortunately, that means that many housing areas end up underwater or flooded to some degree.  If you're looking at apartments, and you realize an area is surprisingly cheap, and there's nothing wrong with the neighborhood itself: look into the flood patterns from the most recent hurricane that rocked the city.  Many apartment complexes ended up underwater and now have a stigma around them as places people don't want to rent.

Fewer One Bedroom Apartments and Almost No Studios

One-bedroom and studio apartments in Houston get snatched up the moment they hit the market.  This can be shocking to many, especially since that means that they'll have to pay more for housing or end up with space they don't need.  If you move further out of the city to areas like Spring, you can find one-bedroom apartments more easily. Still, you'll also have to face the fact that there's no public transit outside of the city, and the drive to get to downtown can be forty-five minutes long or longer if you move to a suburb.

Nearly Every Rental is Pet Friendly

Texans are attached to their dogs and cats, and rentals seem to realize that.  Nearly every apartment and house that's available for rent in Houston allows for pets to move in with their owners.  This can be a relief for most owners, but the pet fees can be incredible.  You may pay as much as $300 per pet for a pet deposit that you won't receive back in some areas.  If this is still worth it to you, Houston can be an awesome place to have a dog since there are so many incredible parks.

Roommates Can Ensure an Even Better Place

Almost a third of Houstonians live in a multi-family household or a space with roommates.  Although the city is generally affordable, especially when compared to cities like Portland or Los Angeles, you can still expect to see many people renting as roommates to afford more in life.  If you don't want to live with someone else, that's perfectly fine; it just may take longer to find an apartment that will suit you.

Always remember when looking for your perfect apartment, that the space is only half the battle. Once you find your perfect pad you can spice it up with decorations, window treatments, wall art, and more to make the place truly your own! Houston is an amazing city that anyone would be lucky to move to! So, if you're willing to take a step towards hot and muggy weather so that you can join one of the most diverse and technology-forward cities out there: consider moving to Houston!  You'll fall in love instantly and won't ever want to leave.

By Digital Solutions - August 31, 2021

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