Tips to prepare better for the Class 6th Maths Olympiad

Tips to prepare better for the Class 6th Maths Olympiad By Jitender Jagga - January 11, 2022
Class 6th Maths Olympiad

Tips to prepare better for the Class 6th Maths Olympiad

Mathematics is a subject that is responsible for developing the power of reasoning, creativity, problem-solving and critical thinking. The Maths Olympiads include a series of preparatory materials which range from questions on various topics such as triangles and elementary, number systems, factors and multiples, integers, data handling, and many such. 

The International Mathematical Olympiad or IMO is a global competition which is organized amongst the participating nations, to assess their ability to solve mathematical problems. Generally, it is organized for High schools students. 

The Board of IMO ensures the annual organization of the event, and also they ensure that the country which hosts the IMO for the particular year, are adhering to the rules and traditions or not. When IMO was started, it didn’t have any stability in its format but it started to grow slowly and was exposed to many parts of the world, it had established a stable and unchanging mode of operation. 

The very first International Mathematical Olympiad was organized in Romania, 1959. In this event, there were 7 participant countries, which were Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, German Democratic Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and the Soviet Union. And with time, the IMO has expanded over to 100 countries. 

Focusing on the fact that, mathematics is one of the most scoring as well as an interesting subject. But, some students tend to hate this subject due to their negligence or lack of interest in the subject. And thus, the mathematical concepts and theorems are found to be fearful for them. 

Before the IMO had gained its popularity, it was organized as a small event in which only 7 countries participated, when it was very first organized. But, with time this Olympiad had gained its popularity, and in recent date, it has observed participation from 100 countries. Thus, with the stability in the event and its popularity, the International Mathematical Olympiad has expanded to the reach of many aspiring candidates.

The International Mathematical Olympiad has proposed the rules and regulations for the participating country that, each country has to send a team of 6 contestants, with a team leader and a deputy leader. Out of these 6 contestants, each of them has to compete individually without and support and coordination from their respective teammates. Generally, the leader is kept separate from their team, as he/she is given the duty of problem selection. And the deputy leader is the one who is in charge of the team members of his/her respective country. 

This Olympiad is organized for two days, in which for each day the contestants are provided with a time limit of 4 hours 30 minutes to solve three problems, making up a total of 6. The difficulty of each question tends to increase gradually from the first question to the last. But, there are many exceptions to the difficulty of the questions. 

Also, the marking pattern is such that it provides a score of 7, making up a total point of 42 for all the questions. The points scored by the participants are dependent upon the result of negotiations and agreement amongst the problem-coordinators, assigned by the host country. And, the team leader as well as the deputy leader of each participating county tends to defend the interest of the candidates from their respective country. 

Thus, this grading system is effective to score a comparatively objective grade which is seldom off by more than two or three points. This grading system ensures a comparatively objective grade which is seldom off by more than two or three points. 

As the International Mathematical Olympiad is organized for High school students, so every student can participate in this mathematical Olympiad. Thus, it is necessary for the students to prepare effectively to participate in such a competitive global competition. Moreover, there are certain strategies that would help the students to prepare better for these Mathematical Olympiads. So, some of these are:

Know the syllabus properly: The syllabus for the Maths Olympiad is generally based on the school curriculum of the respective standards. Thus, the students can prepare for this Maths Olympiad with the help of their school textbooks. Moreover, the NCERT textbooks which are developed and produced by the National Council of Education, Research, and Training are found to be immensely helpful for the students for their preparations. also, these NCERT textbooks are of immense help regarding the school curriculum as well. 

  •  The right study materials:

With the help of the right syllabus, it is necessary to refer to the right study materials. As said, the Maths Olympiad syllabus is usually based on the school curriculum, and thus NCERT textbooks are often found to be of immense help to the students. 

  • Establish a strategy:

It is necessary for the students to prepare a strategy regarding their preparations for the maths Olympiad. A well-laid strategy will ensure their better performance, as it will help them to make effective preparations for the maths Olympiad.

Also, a timetable should be maintained which will be helpful to balance all the chores of the students with proper utilization of every minute.  

  • Practice more often:

As the saying goes, “Practice makes a man perfect”; thus it is necessary for the students to follow a regular practice regime in order to grasp clear foundations of the concepts and topics. Also, it is necessary to practice the questions more often, as it will help in better time management as well as get an idea about the questions. For easy reference, a student can refer to the Class 6 IMO Last Year Papers, for solving the questions in order to build a better understanding of the concepts. 

Also, these are available for other standards, which can be easily accessed online. Thus, practising these questions will help in better time management, as well as it will make efficient preparations for the IMO. 

Thus, these were some of the strategies which are advised to the candidates in order to help them prepare better. The International Mathematical Olympiad is a global event that possesses a lot of competitions, and thus the candidates must prepare better for the competition. Thus, with hard work, one must also take care of their health, as a smart mind and a healthy body go hand-in-hand. 

By Jitender Jagga - January 11, 2022

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