TikViral: 9 Hacks To Amplify The Tiktok Views Count

TikViral: 9 Hacks To Amplify The Tiktok Views Count By Shahbaz Ahmed - December 25, 2022


Tiktok is a platform for you all that has been introduced previously. It is a well-known platform where users share short videos and get famous instantly. Are you a beginner at tiktok? Do you need help with how to improve your views on tiktok? Still bothering about it! No worries! You have reached the right place! Yes, of course, the below article entirely deals with the tactics on how you can efficiently improve your views count using Tiktok videos. 

Why Opt for Tiktok?

When you say tiktok, it is known to billions of people of varied ages. It shows the popularity of the platform and the opportunities hidden in it. If individuals or brands utilize it, it would be great to reach broader audiences quickly. Apart from that, the primary thing to notice is that the engagement rate on tiktok is higher than any other platform. It has an almost 18% engagement rate. Along with this, it has more features to explore and entertain the audience. Furthermore, if you want to build your online presence, try to get free tiktok views and develop your brand. 

Why Getting More Views Are Essential?

The answer is quite simple. If a video has more views on tiktok, then people who are scrolling will think that the video is excellent and worth -watching. By this, it is possible to increase your followers on your account and generate sales quickly. It acts as a snowballing effect. And also, it will upturn the tiktok algorithm. The videos with higher views will appear on the tiktok for you page. So there are higher chances of that video getting viral. 

What Counts As a Tiktok View?

Still, many users may need clarification on this question. For instance, after opening the tiktok and if a person watches out from the beginning of the tiktok video, it is considered a single count. If they break in between, it is regarded as a count alone. If the video loops and plays again, it is considered a unique view. It is how the app counts the views. If you check on the tiktok analytics, you might know the exact view count for your videos. 

9 Ways to Improve Your Tiktok View Count

1. Know Your Audience

The popularity of the platform depends on the reach of your video. So you have to know your audience well if you want a higher reach. It means knowing when your audience will be active and knowing the right time to post. Also, you have to check on the audience's interests and behavior, etc. Then, it will be easy to curate the posts and get more views. 

2. Add Hashtags

Hashtags always increase the chances of getting noticed by the tiktok algorithm. Even though they are small and short, their impact on the platform is enormous. So it is recommended to keep the niche and relevant hashtags properly. The main goal is to attract the right followers and get more views. So that it would be easy to monetize on the platform. Examples of hashtags include #fyp, #foryou, etc., which are most popularly used to drive the audience's attention. 

3. Leverage Trends

The thumb rule is that if you leverage trends, they will surely hit on the top of the for you page. Always making trendy content will uplift the chances of getting more views. Rather than copying the same content and uploading it as a trend, you must give your unique touch to the videos. It will provide you with excellent results. Users have to check out on the for you page weekly to know the current trends. 

4. Grab the Viewers' Attention

It is one such difficult task to grab the attention of the viewers. You must include various elements like colors, pictures, and content that attract the audience. Once you make them follow your account, then your views count will increase automatically. Moreover, you can try leveraging the TikViral and stay ahead of the competition. 

5. Use Trending Sounds

Tiktok videos are nothing without sounds. Sometimes the videos are famous only because of using trending sounds. So it is one of the best ways to use trending sounds to get more views. If you check the music library, you might get more sounds that are apt to your videos. 

6. Perform Duets 

If you perform a duet, you might have more chances that your videos will reach varied audiences. So duets are a great way to increase your engagement. Moreover, the reach will be higher if you perform duets with tiktok stars. So create duet content that attracts the audiences. 

7. Upload Frequently

As per the experts' opinions, frequent uploads will get more views. So if not for a single video, you can get more views if it is a line-up. The ideal time the users upload on the platform is 1 to 4. Besides, the organic reach on tiktok is higher compared to other platforms. Moreover, posting the right content at the right time is critical to success. 

8. Keep the Videos Short

If your videos are longer, you have to shorten them and reduce their time. Videos with a long time will not drive maximum engagement. If it is short, the people will view it till the end as well it goes the attention of the audience. The audience will also rewatch the short videos more times. You can also try a how-to video to explain certainly a process. 

9. Cross-Promote Your Videos

After creating a video, you must cross-promote it on other platforms. The cross-promotion will make more visibility, and you will have more views for your video. You must utilize the different platforms to the fullest potential. Once you cross-promote it, then you can grow your tiktok audience base. When you cross-promote the same video, then the audience will recognize you easily and you may get more views. 


The article has provided you with some insights on how to improve the Tiktok views count. However, numerous tips are still available to make the views count higher. If you are a tiktok user, you can try using TikViral and reap better results. Overall, the platform allows you to connect with the audience efficiently. So make your content perform well and increase your view count. You can leave your feedback below if you find the article worth reading. Thanks for reading!


By Shahbaz Ahmed - December 25, 2022
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