Third Local Dates Festival Kicks off Tomorrow at Souq Waqif

Third Local Dates Festival Kicks off Tomorrow at Souq Waqif By Darlene Regis - October 13, 2021
Third Local Dates Festival Starts Tomorrow at Souq Waqif

Third Local Dates to begin tomorrow in Qatar

Represented by the Agricultural Affairs Department, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) and Souq Waqif management, are organizing the Third Local Dates Festival 2021 for 2021 season tomorrow.

With the participation of 60 local farms and national companies, the festival will be held at western square of Souq Waqif for 10 days from 3pm to 9pm and during weekend until 10pm.

Head of the Old Markets Department at the Private Engineering Office, Muhammad Al Salem said in a statement yesterday that the exhibition, in its third edition of 2021, aims to promote the national product of dates and introduce its different types.

The festival aims at promoting national dates and introducing different dates types, in addition to helping owners of local farms to find an outlet to display and market dates and their products directly to the public, which would positively reflect on their sales volume, enhance their ability to increase production and develop marketing strategies for dates. It is also an opportunity to exchange experiences between producers and processors of local dates in a way that contribute to the development of this important sector, increasing palm-planted areas and resulting in the finest produce.

He said that the Souq Waqif Management dedicated the western square to host the festival in a large tent. Al Salem said that places have also been allocated for companies, exhibiting farms, venues for accompanying events and public services.

He pointed out that the venue for the festival has been prepared with all the commitments and equipment necessary to complete the marketing process.

Al Salem said that festival will be held following the COVID-19 preventive measures. He noted that as a commitment from the Souq Waqif Management to preserve the health and safety of visitors to the festival, receiving two doses of the vaccine against the coronavirus and wearing a mask are required to enter the festival, as well as observing social distancing for all.

Source: QNA and MME

By Darlene Regis - October 13, 2021

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