The Most Expensive Aquarium Fishes in the World

The Most Expensive Aquarium Fishes in the World By Shvong - February 23, 2021
The Most Expensive Aquarium Fishes in the World

The Most Expensive Aquarium Fishes in the World

Aquariums are an amazing addition to the interior of the house. They add life in such a unique way that most of the other decor can’t pull off because you never know what the fish may do inside the water. Maintaining an aquarium may be a lot of work, but that has never stopped people from stacking their living rooms with a couple of fish tanks housing the most beautiful fishes ever seen. 

But how much do the fishes cost? We are going to look at some of the most expensive aquarium fishes in the world with prices so high that they would make your jaw drop. Some of them include the following.

Clarion Angelfish - $2,500

Clarion Angelfish #tropicalfishsaltwater | Keler baligi, Akvaryumlar,  Akvaryum

The Clarion Angelfish is a saltwater fish that features an orange body with bright blue stripes that look like glowing strips when light is shone on them in the dark. They are mostly found in the Eastern Central Pacific and can grow to a length of about 10 inches. There are several species of fish, and all are very valuable and are usually bred in captivity and sold for hefty prices.

Wrought Iron Butterflyfish - $2,700

TOP 10 Most Expensive Tropical Fish in the World - EALUXE

The Butterflyfish is another beautiful water dweller that features a metallic-looking body with a thin strip of bright yellow along with the fins. The fish has schooling tendencies, which means they are not solitary animals; if you do choose to have it in your tank, you may have to buy several of them for company; otherwise, you’ll end up having a very sulky fish in the tank. They struggle in captivity, and extra care should be taken when maintaining them.

Australian Flathead Perch - $5,000

Australian flathead perch-one of the expensive fish - Disk Trend Magazine

The Australian Flathead Perch belongs to the Basslet family of fish and is one of the rarest fishes in the wild, which partially explains the price tag and the obsession by people to have it in their fish tanks. They are small fishes that grow up to 6 inches long and display a myriad of colors that range from blue to orange, depending on the gender and species. They have a flat head and can live for a long time, making them a worthy investment.

Neptune Grouper - $6,000

Garish hind Neptune grouper | Churaumi Fish Encyclopedia | Okinawa Churaumi  Aquarium - For the next generation to inherit; the beautiful seas of  Okinawa. -

The Neptune Grouper is a brightly colored fish that features a yellow body with white stripes running from the bottom of the body from the head to the tail. Some even come with a tinge of pink, and they are also one of the rarest fishes around; finding an aquarium that houses them is next to impossible, part of the reason why they cost an arm and a leg. One fortunate trait about them is that they adapt very quickly to aquarium life,, and maintaining them is not as hard as some of the other fish on this list.

Golden Basslet - $8,000

golden-basslet - OCD Reefs

In terms of size, the Golden Basslet is a really tiny fish, which makes it even harder to explain why it costs this much. However, it makes up for the size with an array of beautiful combinations of bright yellow and silver on top of being one of the toughest fishes you’ll ever come across. The one thing that is probably responsible for their high price is the fact that getting them is tricky. They need a special decompression technique to get them out of the water or else they die.

Bladefin Basslet - $10,000

Bladefin basslet feeding in a cup - YouTube

Another tiny fish of the basslet family that features a red color with a huge pink stripe near the tail area. The Bladefin Basslet is actually the smallest fish on this list and can be found in oceans living at depths of about 500 feet, which is pretty deep, making it hard to find them.

Masked Angelfish - $20,000

Masked Angelfish (Genicanthus personatus) | Tropical Fish Keeping

Featuring a bright turquoise blue color, the Masked Angelfish has a unique black face that gives it its name. It has a shade of yellow under the lower fin and a black patch on the rear fin. The color of their bodies changes depending on the stage of growth they are in. They are native to the Hawaiian Islands and are very rare.

Freshwater Polka Dot Stingray - $100,000

Pin on South America

Costing a mind blowing $100,000, the Polka Dot Stingray is a marvel of a fish. It has beautiful white spots that cover its entire black body and are native to Brazil, where they flourish in the wild as one of the top predators in nature. You’ll need a bigger tank to house them where they live alone, unless you want to watch them devour other fishes.

Platinum Arowana -  $400,000

The Five Most Expensive Types of Fish in the World

The Platinum Arowana is the most expensive aquarium fish to date and is a product of a genetic mutation that has gifted it with some of the most mesmerizing colors in nature. They can grow as large as humans in some cases and in some parts of the world, they are believed to be the reincarnation of dead people.


Taking care of an aquarium is not easy, and many people usually realize this after they have already set up one in their homes. You have to clean them as regularly as you can to ensure the conditions are safe for the fish to survive. Some of the best tools in the market right now include the Mountain Tree filter media, which is cheap, reliable, and widely available with clear and simple to understand instructions on usage. Make sure you get one for your aquarium.

By Shvong - February 23, 2021

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