The Ministry Of Labour Has Launched An E-Service For Verifying Work Contracts

The Ministry Of Labour Has Launched An E-Service For Verifying Work Contracts By Jiny - December 12, 2023
The Ministry Of Labour Has Launched An EService For Verifying Work Contracts

Ministry of Labour unveils e-service for customizing specialized work contracts

The Ministry of Labour has introduced an advanced electronic service for verifying specialized work contracts, allowing tailored clauses to meet diverse establishment needs. Specifically catering to industries like medicine and engineering, this service permits the addition of specific contractual clauses aligned with labor laws.

This initiative signifies a significant step in streamlining contract attestation procedures, demonstrating the Ministry's commitment to simplifying processes and advancing digital services in the labor sector, ultimately aiming to expedite services for companies.

To attest these specialized contracts, companies are required to use a smart card for identity verification through the National Authentication System (NAS) to ensure proper authorization. Flexibility in the worker's license is crucial for successful attestation by the establishment.

Moreover, the Ministry has upgraded its digital work contract attestation services, introducing a unified platform for employees in private sector establishments to electronically manage their contract terms. Additionally, a new digital service is available for certifying household employee contracts, eliminating the need for physical visits to government service centers.

By Jiny - December 12, 2023

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