The Falcon Of Doha • Qatar

The Falcon Of Doha • Qatar By Qatar Day - July 24, 2019
The Falcon Of Doha • Qatar

The Falcon Of Doha • Qatar

The FALCON of DOHA is a one of a kind Citadel-Island made off the City's Cornice Waterfront that will be perceived globally as a Cruise Ship Port goal and will bring substantially more open doors for the travel industry speculation, shoreline living and urban civilities to the developing City of DOHA. 


• The FALCON of DOHA is the Vision of the Future. The Government of Qatar can make an uncommon urban setting, a global grandstand of amazing living in an economical HABITAT, a Bold Statement that will end up being a reference for future natural and urban plans in unforgiving atmospheres of the Middle East. 

• The FALCON of DOHA is the Vision of the Future and Master Plan to make another DESTINATION. A traveler situated zone set by Innovation and inventiveness in the core of Doha. 

• The opportunity emerged when the Qatar government chose to fabricate another payload port, leaving the old foundation by 2016 with no unmistakable use. "Following the rules set by the service of the travel industry in its 2013 national technique, we chose to make a "goal inside a goal" an "inviting stage" for sightseers a State-of-the-Art voyage port. 

• The voyage offices have been intended to have the option to fill in as a Port of Call and a Home-port and will without a doubt get the consideration of the significant journey lines and could establish the framework for a Qatar journey line, making Doha a center in the Persian Gulf. 


• The journey offices will be intended to have the option to fill in as a Port of Call and a Home-Port and will without a doubt get the consideration of the real voyage lines and could establish the framework for a Qatar journey line, making Doha a Cruise center in the Persian Gulf. 

• There is a lot of land in QATAR to be created. Just a single open door like the current, destined to be empty wharfs of the old freight port. This open door needs a Vision of the Future, a Bold Statement, and a Great Design Concept, to be created by the best Architects from QATAR and the World, with criteria of development in: Live-Landscape-Urbanism, maintainability, strength, vitality protection, and low carbon outflows. 


• The new Port will expand the Qatar the travel industry and make a "Touristic Citadel" the core of Doha administering a monstrous vacationers foot stream to Qatar. 

• It will expand the consideration of significant Cruise Lines overall making Doha a center for the voyage business in The Persian Gulf. 

• The FALCON of DOHA will convey nation Vision of the Future and improve a notoriety of a nation with the most noteworthy nature of living. 

• It will turn into a reference on Sustainability for Habitats with brutal atmospheres by utilizing State-of-the-Art vitality age and protection methods like Solar Panels, Green Roofs, Electric Tram framework, Electric Vehicles, and low carbon discharges

• Every part of The FALCON of DOHA Project is a high income generator and will guarantee a sound and gainful return of venture. 

• The port will be straightforwardly connected to the new Hamad Airport through a submerged passage that will go under the entrance water channel that different the Island from the mail land. 


The task will be propelled in three supportable stages: 

I. The Phase 1 of The FALCON of DOHA will incorporate the Port of Call equipped for taking care of up to three (3) super ships, the Souq-Marketplace, the blended utilize downtown Maidan quarter, the fundamental Mosque, The MILL Art Museum, and the principal period of the Home-Port. 

II. Stage 2 will incorporate THE LAND DEVELOPMENT (the digging and filling of 206 Ha.) an underground Soccer Stadium (which could be utilized for the future Olympic Games Qatar is offering on), Art Park and Souq, shorelines, inns, a Mega-yacht marina, private lodging, The Earth Museum and an Aquarium, Down Fishermen Marina, Underwater Tunnel, the second stage Home-Port. 

III. Stage 3 will see a Convention and Exhibition Center, Garage Parking, the Grand Hotel and Beach Club, Water-park, Sports Park, skyscraper waterfront living arrangements, and that's just the beginning. 


• The FALCON of DOHA will be an "Eco-Sustainable" urban settlement that will self-produce all the vitality and water it will require. 

• Green rooftops and Road framework will have sunlight based boards. 

• Solar desalinization plants will produce all consumable water. 

• All sewer waste will be treated for greens and finishing water system. 

• Zero carbon age by utilizing electric light rail framework, keeping gas vehicles leaving off the island and just permitting electrically fueled on the Citadel-island. 


• When the two segments of the port: The Cruise Ship Port of Call and the Home-Port will be finished, the New Doha Cruise Port will probably deal with up to six (6) uber sends in the meantime and six (6) million pax. a year. (up to 42,000 pax/day) 

• The Citadel of The FALCON of DOHA will house various world-acclaimed inns, exhibition halls, workmanship displays, shops, eateries, pleasantries and problem areas offering vacationers "a Destination inside a Destination" an eye into the warm Qatari accommodation. 

• The target is for supportable the travel industry well into what's to come. 

• Qatar could utilize the six (6) super journey transports as brief lodgings amid the 2022 FIFA Cup, rather than structure 24,000 lodgings. 

• The port will be straightforwardly connected to the new Hamad Airport by means of a submerged passage that will go under the entrance channel to the Port. 


• It will be able to oblige at the same time, alongside the primary wharf, up to (3) Three Mega-boats of 360 meters in length each. 

• The Port of Call is intended to give an "Inviting Stage" for journey travelers. 

• It will offer astonishing and welcoming perspectives from the Cruise boats decks. Once on the ground, the travelers will be welcomed by an extraordinary Date Palms Garden, with new drinking fountains mixed just as enormous coverings between palms, making a reviving, shadowy and agreeable mood. 

• The Cruise Passengers, the Local and International guest will blend in and will almost certainly appreciate Cafes under a Trellis Gallery vivid Bougainville, that interconnects every one of the three entries/leaving zones with a Marketplace-Souk, situated on the ground floor of the 7-Story high blended use assembling that encases the whole Area. 

• The scene, design, signage, urban furnishings… of the entire, will let you know: "Welcome, you have touched base at Doha, QATAR". 


• The DOHA Cruise Ship Home-Port is made out of three (3) Port Terminals. 

• Each Terminal will serve one Mega-Ship at the time. 

• The "Plan Mega-Ship" is a 362x65 meter size ship up to 240,000 TGR. 

• The Port is fit to deal with up to (3) Three Mega-ships, conveying 6,000 pax. each Debarking and Embarking. 

• The DOHA Home-Port is intended to be worked in stages. Stage 1 there will be two Terminals. The third Terminal could be assembled later on as indicated by market needs. 

• Each Port Terminal will accommodate a proficient, powerful and happy with Embarking and Debarking knowledge. 

• The FALCON of DOHA will get the consideration of significant Cruise Lines worldwide and set the establishments for a much alluring "Qatar Cruise Line" creation of DOHA the Hub for the Cruise business in the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Sea. 


The FALCON of DOHA offers a standout amongst the best chances to drive the monetary and social advancement of the travel industry in Qatar. A target investigation of the genuine alternatives Doha has in the present moment to supplement the current methodology of monetary development, which incorporates the formation of employments, the immediate and expanding pay from remote spending, the broad and popularity based circulation of salary and the age of a positive multiplier impact for all parts of the travel industry and the economy, would demonstrate that until further notice, there is no other manageable venture in the travel industry that can trigger it in such a reasonable and advantageous route as the FALCON of DOHA Cruise Ship Port. 


Each segment of The FALCON of DOHA is exceedingly income producing, one of a kind in its improvement program, structure idea, and makes its own market request. The harmony between a top notch item, high-thickness, and low-ascent improvement in an extraordinary area makes of The FALCON of DOHA a profoundly useful speculation.






The Falcon of Doha envisions a unique Development Program:


• The total Site area is: 305 Ha

• Of which 99Ha do exist and 206Ha. are of landfill form dredging.

• Total Green and Park Area is approx. 600,000 m2

• Total Building Construction area is approx. 9,000,000 m2

Building Area: 96,875,194 sf.

Cost per Square Foot: 64,85 $/sf.

Construction Cost:

1st Phase: $ 1,149,074,516

2nd Phase: $ 2,283,762,198

3rd Phase: $ 2,849,584,795

TOTAL: $ 6,282,421,509

Date of Completion:

1st Phase: 2022

2nd Phase: 2024

3rd Phase: 2030+

1st phase:

• Maidan-Mosque

• Marketplace-Souk

• Cruise-PORT-of-CALL


• The MILLS Art Museum

2nd phase:

• Belvedere-Park

• Olympic-&-Soccer-Stadium

• Art-&-Park-Souk

• Beach-Hotels

• Mega-Yacht-Marina

• Boutique-Hotels

• Maidan Mixed Use Citadel’s Downtown

• Downs-Marina-&-Residence-Quarter

3rd phase:

• Grand-Hotel-Water-Park-&-Beach-Club

• Exhibition & Convention-Centre

• Sport-Park

• Luxury-Waterfront-Residences

• North-Residence-Quarter

• Earth-Museum-Aquarium-&-Rain-Forrest

• Underwater-Access-Tunnel-to-Airport

• South-Residence-Quarter


Architect(s) of Record:


Architetc . Urban Designer . Developer

485 BRICKELL AVE. #4706

MIAMI. FL. 33131 USA

cel. +1 617 380 8107

Project Team:

Folco RICCIO. Arch. MUD. Intl.Assoc.AIA


Ladislao MACIEJEWSKI. Arch.


Patricia MATAMOROS. Arch.

Eduardo IZAGUIRRE. Arch.

Anamargarita BAASH. Arch.

Giampiero RICCIO. CFA. Eng.

Landscape Architect:

John STODDART. Landscape Arch.



VODO Architects

TEAM-e CHINA (3d Renders + Video)

Roger BLUM . Cruise & Port Advisors


Emmy GEHRENBECK (Graphic Design)

Graciela BELTRAN CARIAS (Press)

Mariela SEGOVIA (Voiceover)

General Contractor:



Folco RICCIO All photographs

Google Earth 


The Falcon of Doha • Qatar by FOLCO RICCIO Architecture . Urban Design . Development in Qatar won the WA Award Cycle 29. 

By Qatar Day - July 24, 2019

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