The cheap ways to soundproof a wall

The cheap ways to soundproof a wall By Shalini - May 18, 2022
The cheap ways to soundproof a wall

The cheap ways to soundproof a wall

This is more for short term fixes and emergencies than long term solutions. These steps can be taken independent of each other, meaning you can choose to do one, or more of these steps.

1  Add something dense to the walls, doors and floors

To do this simply find the thickest, heaviest blankets you can, and then nail them into the walls to cover all of the surface. This is best for Winter time.

2  Put strips on the doors

So sound travels in various ways but a common way sound escapes a room is under the door.

If you’ve got a huge crack underneath the door or you can see light coming from the other side of the door,
you can get adhesive (or nail in) strips that go on the bottom of doors and sweep across the floor, blocking most sound from escaping that way. 

3  Fill the cracks with caulk or soundproofing sealant

Get a tube of acoustic sealant which is great for sealing up cracks and holes in the corners of rooms and edges of walls etc. You can find soundproof caulk like this

4  Fixing all the sound leaks

Duct tape is one of the most effective cheap soundproofing solutions and it’s strong too. Now you’re just going to go round the room and fix all of the ‘sound leaks’. 

5  Focus on the small areas of the wall 

This means you need to know where the sound’s escaping from, and you need to focus on those areas, applying some of the materials above or maybe a bit of soundproofing wallpaper.

By Shalini - May 18, 2022

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