Ten top leisure places to visit at The Pearl Qatar

Ten top leisure places to visit at The Pearl Qatar By Dr. George Julius Williams - December 17, 2020
Ten top leisure places to visit at The Pearl Qatar

Ten top leisure places to visit at The Pearl Qatar

The Pearl-Qatar is a destination of choice offering its residents and visitors an integrated leisure experience. On this fascinating Island, luxury living blends with lively shopping and entertainment, and scenic backdrops are complemented by a thriving community lifestyle, making The Pearl-Qatar a true living wonder…

The Pearl-Qatar is a beacon for recreational and leisure activities. With its variety of exceptional indoor and outdoor locations, it certainly has everything that a great family day-out can include and these are our top ten leisure places to visit at The Pearl-Qatar:

1. Megapolis/Minipolis

A comprehensive indoor entertainment destination located in Medina Centrale, Megapolis and Minipolis offer an exhaustive array of high-tech games, arcades and attractions complete with gigantic cartoon characters and colorful interiors.

2. Kiddy Zone

Kiddy Zone is located in Porto Arabia and Medina Centrale. It is a toy store that allows children and their parents to embrace their childhood with an interactive play space and endless choices of creative, educational and electronic toys.

3. Piano Stairs

The 30-step piano laid on one of the staircases overlooking Qanat Quartier’s retail area, produces melodic tones with blinking lights every step of the way. Visitors can now hop, skip, and jump to play musical notes and sound effects, or can enjoy 10 classical melodies already programed.

4. Curio City

Curio City is an adventurous playground with interactive educational activities for children of all ages, optimized to help them learn about science and various useful subjects through play.

5. Clay Encounters

Clay Encounters is a ceramics studio in Qanat Quartier that offers an extremely engaging, fun and relaxing experience for both adults and children by teaching them how to craft interesting pottery objects.

6. Carousel

A classic family favorite, the Venetian Carousel in Porto Arabia is fun for all, with its bright lights, paintings, and animal rides.

7. ‘Love Qatar’ Sign

The huge ‘Love Qatar’ set of letters has become an iconic hangout spot in Porto Arabia for a much sought-after photo opportunity.

8. Subzero Ice Lounge

At Subzero in Porto Arabia, visitors are treated to a unique glacial experience in Qatar, surrounded by dazzling statues of ice, while they enjoy a hot sip in an arctic atmosphere.

9. Water Taxis

The Pearl-Qatar operates Doha’s first and only water taxi service. Not only is it fun, it's an excellent way to get around The Pearl-Qatar and hop from one side to the other.

10. Public Playgrounds

From visiting the public playground in Porto Arabia to try the fun slides, monkey bars and swings, to running around the ground fountains in Medina Centrale, here children have the space and freedom to engage in various refreshing activities.

By Dr. George Julius Williams - December 17, 2020

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