Taliban say Afghan girls will return to secondary schools soon

Taliban say Afghan girls will return to secondary schools soon By A Robin - October 20, 2021
Afghan School Girls

Afghan School Girls

Amid widespread criticism over human rights issues in Afghanistan, the Taliban has said girls will be allowed to return to secondary schools soon.

A spokesperson for Afghanistan's interior ministry on Sunday said that the exact timing will be announced by the Ministry of Education, Al Jazeera reported. "From my understanding and information, in a very short time all the universities and schools will be reopened and all the girls and women will return to school and their teaching jobs," spokesperson Saeed Khosty said.

Last month, the Ministry of Education of Afghanistan, led by the Taliban had resumed all secondary schools. However, the directive only mentions the male students, making no reference to a return date for girls.

The Taliban announced an interim government in September, with a slew of promises, assuring not to repeat the policies of the previous Taliban regime (1996-2001).

However, reports coming from the ground say differently. According to media reports, women are being barred from going to work, and scores of them have demonstrated to demand their rights to employment and education.

The spokesperson "indicated that it was imminent that girls in secondary schools and their female teachers would be returning very soon," according to Al Jazeera.

Earlier this month, UN chief Antonio Guterres had said that the Taliban should deliver on their promises to observe the rights of women and girls.

"Since their takeover, the Taliban have - at various times - promised Afghan citizens -- including women, children, minority communities, former government employees -- that they would protect their rights," the UN chief had said.

By A Robin - October 20, 2021

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