Stand With Palestine: Charity Football Match at Education City Stadium

Stand With Palestine: Charity Football Match at Education City Stadium By Josephine Justin - December 04, 2023
Stand With Palestine at Education City Stadium

Stand With Palestine

In a remarkable display of solidarity, Education City Stadium is set to host "Stand With Palestine", a charity football match brought together by football enthusiasts, students, and renowned players to support a noble cause, tickets to which can be purchased here on Q-Tickets.

Organized by a team of five dedicated Qatar Academy Doha (QAD) students, this electrifying football spectacle aims to raise funds for Palestine while fostering unity and support.

The event will feature activities and games apart from the main match. The introduction to the evening filled with sportsmanship is to be done by Abdullah Al Ghafri, followed by an engaging dialogue between two QAD students and two QAD alumni from Georgetown University. This talk session will highlight the global significance of the cause, while emphasizing the importance of solidarity.

The opening ceremony will also feature soul-stirring musical performances by Nasser Al Kubaisi, Dana Al Meer, and Nesma, creating an atmosphere of unity and celebration. QAD Primary Years Programme (PYP) students will deliver poignant speeches in both Arabic and English, underscoring the event's dedication to supporting Palestine and promoting awareness.

The highlight of the evening is undoubtedly the friendly football match, where Qatar National Team players and renowned football stars are to join forces with students from Qatar Academy Doha and the Palestinian School.

While the players exhibit their skills on the field, the audience will be treated to soulful live music performances to lift spirits, along with a captivating drone show illuminating the night sky, symbolizing the unity that transcends borders and cultures.

The event goes truly beyond the football pitch, and attendees have the chance to participate in various activities and win prizes. Raffles for coveted prizes and awards are sure to encourage everyone to contribute to the cause while enjoying the festivities.

For those eager to be part of this unforgettable day of unity and support, please book your tickets on Q-Tickets. Do your bit to actively contribute to the fundraising efforts while enjoying a memorable evening filled with football, music, performances and the community-spirit.

By Josephine Justin - December 04, 2023

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