Spectators’ Guidelines for FORMULA 1 QATAR AIRWAYS QATAR GRAND PRIX 2023

Spectators’ Guidelines for FORMULA 1 QATAR AIRWAYS QATAR GRAND PRIX 2023 By A Robin - October 04, 2023
Lusail International Circuit

Lusail International Circuit

As the FORMULA 1 QATAR AIRWAYS QATAR GRAND PRIX 2023 approaches, Lusail International Circuit has shared essential guidelines and recommendations for spectators to ensure a smooth and memorable experience throughout the race weekend.

Please be aware that information and timings are subject to change, so it's advisable to stay updated by downloading the Qatar GP application and checking the LIC social media channels for real-time updates.

The circuit will be open to spectators from 2:00 pm on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th October, and from 3:00 pm on Sunday 8th. The closing time on Friday and Saturday will be 10:00 pm however, on Sunday, final race day, it will be 11:00 pm.

Arriving at the Lusail International Circuit

Metro: The public transportation system has been thoughtfully designed to ensure that attendees reach their destination with ease. A free shuttle service will be available from Lusail Metro to QNB Station (red line) to Lusail International Circuit and vice versa. The shuttle service from the metro station to LIC will operate from 2:00 pm to 2:30 am, while the metro will be available until 3:00 am; the last train will depart from the Lusail station at 3:00 am. The estimated travel time on the shuttle is approximately 20 minutes. The free shuttle bus service will be conveniently located on the East side of the metro station.

Personal Vehicle: If you plan to arrive at the circuit with your own vehicle, it is strongly recommended that spectators arrive early, as a special traffic protocol will be in place and traffic congestion is expected on the roads surrounding the circuit and in the parking areas. Limited free parking spaces will be available, but ticket holders are encouraged to use public transport and carpool to reduce congestion. For spectators requiring accessibility support, designated parking spaces will be available in compliance with the disability parking permit. Attendees are requested to use Exit 29B and follow the Spectators signs to reach the designated parking area. Please note that no access to LIC will be allowed from Al Khor Coastal Road. To conveniently reach the parking area, download the Qatar GP app and view the Maps tab where attendees can enter their ticket details and can follow recommended parking directions.

Taxi: For those opting for taxi services, Karwa taxis will be available at designated drop-off and pick-up locations near the venue entry gates until 3:00 am and after 3:00 am it can be conveniently requested via the Karwa taxi mobile application.

Uber: Uber services will be permitted up to Lusail Metro - QNB Station (red line) and spectators would have to utilize the shuttle service from and to Lusail Metro - QNB Station. Uber will not be able to drop spectators at Lusail International Circuit.

A Guide to the Venue

Security and Ticket Check:

Before entering the circuit, all attendees are required to undergo a security check to ensure the safety of everyone attending. It is essential to review the list of prohibited and restricted items before planning your arrival to avoid having any items confiscated. Restricted items will be safely stored in designated offices for collection after the event.

Furthermore, please ensure that your mobile phone is fully charged, and you have sufficient cellular data, as you will need to display your ticket's QR code at the venue gates and grandstand entry points. Ticket scanning is mandatory each time you leave the grandstand or the venue security perimeter to avoid re-entry denial.

All spectators holding a valid ticket will be able to access and enjoy post-race concerts. The concerts will take place in a dedicated concert arena and attendees can conveniently access it through the Fan Zone. Organizing teams and signs will be present to seamlessly guide attendees in the designated areas. Concerts are scheduled approximately 1 hour after race activity and the gates will open for attendees 30 minutes after the end of track activity.

The Fan Zone promises to offer a delightful blend of F1 experiences, entertainment shows, activations, games, and activities suitable for families and children. Food and beverage vendors will also provide a wide variety of international and local flavors.

Additional recommendations to ensure your comfort throughout the event:

LIC is dedicated towards making the race weekend a seamless experience for everyone. Therefore, it is recommended that attendees wear comfortable shoes and stay hydrated considering the length and expansive offering of the event.

For parents with children, consider heading to the Info Point located behind the Main Grandstand to obtain bracelets with your contact details labeled with them to facilitate the search for missing kids.

Please adhere to the no-smoking policy, as lighters are among the prohibited items. Smoking is permitted only in designated smoking zones and is strictly prohibited in grandstands, food and beverage areas, and certain activation areas. The venue will practice a no-tolerance policy towards attendees whose conduct is deemed to be inappropriate at the venue. It is requested for all spectators to respect the guidelines and be mindful of others attending. 

For additional information and details regarding the FORMULA 1 QATAR AIRWAYS QATAR GRAND PRIX 2023 event, please visit our official website.

By A Robin - October 04, 2023

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