Souq Waqif International Honey & Dates Exhibitions starts in Feb

Souq Waqif International Honey & Dates Exhibitions starts in Feb By Fathimath Nasli - January 04, 2024
Souq Waqif International Honey & Dates Exhibitions starts in Feb

International Honey & Dates Exhibition

The management of Souq Waqif has announced the organization of its 5th International Honey Exhibition from February 10 to 15, along with the 2nd International Dates Exhibition scheduled from February 25 to March 5.

As per information shared on its official social media account, interested exhibitors can now register through Conditions for registration include a refundable security deposit of QR5,000. Participants are permitted shipments of 500kgs of honey and one tonne of dates, with a QR5,000 insurance deduction upon registration.

Participants can look forward to various incentives, such as special rates at Souq Waqif hotels, discounted shipping options through Qatar Airways, and assistance with entry visas for participating countries.

The previous year's honey and dates exhibition witnessed the involvement of 160 farms and companies representing 25 countries, presenting 50 varieties of honey and 50 types of dates. Some of the participating nations included Oman, Tunisia, Libya, Palestine, and Georgia. Notably, 31 Qatari companies engaged in honey imports and 26 local producers were also present.

The International Dates exhibition is making a comeback after a break since 2019 when Souq Waqif concentrated on its local version. The 2019 edition featured 150 exhibitors, including 89 local and 59 foreign companies, showcasing date production, supply, and sales from ten countries.

Importantly, there is no entry fee for these exhibitions.

The public can anticipate a diverse range of dates and honey during the exhibits. Honey products may include Sidr, Wild Sidr, Manuka, Stingless Bee Honey, Acacia, Meadow, White Honey, Ginger Honey, and Mountain Flower Honey. Date products such as Halawy, Mazafati, Medjool, Jordan Banks Dates, Milk Chocolate Date Almonds, and Dates with coconut will also be featured.

On a different note, preparations are underway for the Souq Waqif Equestrian Festival next week, featuring events like the 5th International Arabian Horse Show from January 13 to 15, the 13th Qatar International Arabian Peninsula Horse Show from January 17 to 19, and the Arabian Horse Auction on January 20.

The previous year's festival saw remarkable success with QR6.4 million in prizes and 58 horses from the GCC region. Officials note that the event serves as an excellent platform for horse owners and equestrian enthusiasts to connect and share views and experiences about their common passion for horses.

Source: The Peninsula

By Fathimath Nasli - January 04, 2024

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