Silatech, UDST Sign Collaboration Agreement

Silatech, UDST Sign Collaboration Agreement By A Robin - August 16, 2022
Silatech and UDST

Silatech and UDST

Silatech and University of Doha for Science and Technology (UDST) established a collaboration agreement to support youth economic empowerment in Qatar through bridging the gap between employers and job seekers and develop their professional skillset to be competitive in the job market.

Dr. Salem Al Naemi, President of UDST and Hassan Ali Al Mulla, CEO of Silatech signed the agreement in the presence of several University officials and a delegation from the organization.

Under the agreement, UDST will support the database expansion of Silatech's employability portal Ta3mal to create a greater reach among job seekers and employers through the University's partners' network. The partnership will also offer UDST, its students, and its alumni access to Ta3mal to promote the university's vacancies and be connected with job seekers. In parallel, students and alumni will have access to the portal to benefit from 1200+ online courses, update skills, experience, and access to job opportunities. UDST and Silatech will join forces to support the professional development of jobseekers and prepare them for the transition to the job market, by providing them with life and employability skills, e-learning, and technical skills suitable for the job market This is expected to go a long way in contributing towards the achievement of Qatar National Vision 2030, and in particular, the economic and social development pillars.

Furthermore, UDST will host guest speakers from Silatech as part of its keynote speaker series to shed light on the different initiatives that the organization is undertaking in partnership with the University. This agreement opens the door to more collaborative opportunities between both signatories in the future, specifically in the field of youth employment.

Commenting on the collaboration agreement, Dr. Salem Al Naemi said, "University of Doha for Science and Technology adopts an applied approach to education; therefore, all our programs respond to a need in the job market and lead to graduating well-equipped professionals who are ready to integrate into the marketplace since day one and have the necessary skills that meet the requirements of an ever-evolving economy. We are pleased to be partnering with Silatech today to further enhance this approach, connect the job seekers with the employers of choice and develop their skills so they can excel and achieve their dreams in a competitive environment. UDST and Silatech are planning to carry out more initiatives that serve students in Qatar and contribute to preparing them to take on the worlds challenges and become tomorrows innovators, entrepreneurs, artists and professionals, as stated in Qatar National Vision 2030.

Silatech CEO Hassan Al Mulla stated, "Silatech is continuously seeking to expand its network of partnerships and collaborations with various organisations to empower young people economically and socially. This collaboration with UDST is an ample testimony of Silatech's commitment to fulfill the dreams and aspirations of youth and address global challenges such as unemployment especially due to the lack of skillsets required by the job market. We are pleased to work with UDST as a strategic partner to facilitate easier access to the job market under Ta3mal as well as utilize its rich experience in applied education for the upskilling of youth in Qatar." UDST has recently welcomed more than 6000 new and returning students for the Academic Year 2022-2023, across 4 different Colleges:

Business Management, Computing and Information Technology, Engineering, and Health Sciences. This year saw an increase of 15 percent in the application rate after announcing 12 new programs that the University has made available for this Fall term. UDST offers applied Bachelor's and Master's degree programs in addition to diplomas and certificates.


By A Robin - August 16, 2022

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