Should you wear progressive lenses all the time?

Should you wear progressive lenses all the time? By Lee Lija - November 09, 2021
Should you wear progressive lenses all the time

Progressive Lenses

Why not? After all, progressive lenses save you from the hassle of switching between three pairs of eyeglasses. All thanks, to the multiple focal points that make sure you have corrected vision. No matter whether you wish to look at a far off object, an up close one, or even your laptop sitting in front of you at an intermediate distance. Yes, progressive lenses have three parts which unlike bifocals are not divided by an unappealing line. This makes them a magnificent choice for the style-conscious as well.

But who needs to wear progressive glasses? The people getting past 40 years of age. If you are 40 years or older, yes, we are talking about you. This is the age when the eye muscles start getting stiffer day by day, and the natural eye lens loses its capability to focus on objects nearby.

So, they either use reading glasses, bifocals, or progressive lenses in their eyeglasses.

Out of the three, progressive lenses are the most preferred option, because they save you from the hassle of switching pairs between reading glasses and the other pair that you use for intermediate and far off distances.

Coming back to the question of whether you should wear progressive lenses all the time or not. Well, if you need them, then you should. There’s no harm in using them all day long or even nights (if you are a night owl). They are absolutely safe. Some people think progressive lenses aren’t healthy for the eyes based on the discomfort they experienced when they were adjusting to it. While there is some discomfort you will have to experience in the first few days or couple of weeks, it will fade away soon. And then you’ll be able to enjoy its perks and premiums forever. 

Also, this discomfort can be taken care of if you use them consciously. For example, when you have to see something at a far away distance, don’t just move your eyes. Move your neck up and look through the upper portion of the lens to look at that object. For something on the side, don’t just roll your eyes, move your head and look through the correct portion of the lenses. Use the progressive lenses as often as possible and you’ll be friends with them in no time.

However, the primary reason why people suggest that you should wear progressive lenses all the time is when they are new to you. Wearing them after you wake up and removing them only when you go back to bed, will make your eyes and the progressive lenses friends soon. That way it will take much less time for you to get used to them and enjoy their comfort.

It is basically a new habit you need to develop. Just like they say it takes 21 days of doing something regularly, you need to give approximately the same time to get adjusted to your progressive lenses. 

Now, so that you are able to wear your progressive aka varifocals glasses all the time, it is extremely important for them to be protected by the other evils. These can be the sun’s UV rays, glare from the computer screens or headlights while driving at night, and even scratches on the lenses. That’s the reason why Specscart helps you by providing a free layer of anti-UV, anti-glare, and scratch-resistant coatings on every pair of glasses. 

Also, to protect you from blue light, Specscart offers advanced X-blue lenses at a nominal price. You can choose them while buying prescription glasses online.

So, get going and choose for yourself an awesome pair from the extravagant assortment of styles we have for you. 

By Lee Lija - November 09, 2021

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