Sheikh Tamim Award raising global awareness on combating corruption

Sheikh Tamim Award raising global awareness on combating corruption By A Robin - December 20, 2023
Sheikh Tamim Award

Sheikh Tamim Award

Several winners of 7th edition of the Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani International Anti-Corruption Excellence (ACE) Award expressed their pride in receiving the award, which has gained prominent international recognition and aims to enhance the international community’s awareness of the importance of combating corruption and supporting development issues worldwide. The winners commended Qatar’s efforts in eradicating corruption.

In statements to QNA, the winners said the award, launched in 2016 to honour individuals and institutions from around the world in celebration of the International Anti-Corruption Day, represents a significant addition to Qatar’s continuous local, regional and international initiatives and efforts in supporting entities and international organisations involved in combating corruption.

Dr. Suncana Roksandic of Croatia, the winner in the category of Academic Research and Education, stressed that this Award will empower her in her future research and educational journey in combating corruption. She expressed her pride in winning such an international award, which will motivate her to continue academic and research excellence.

Jose Ugaz of Peru, the winner in the category of Lifetime/Outstanding Achievement, said the award highlights the fight against corruption around the world, pointing out that corruption threatens the stability of societies, hampers developmental progress, and damages the resources and capabilities of people.

Shantanu Guha Rai of India, winner in the Safeguarding Sports from Corruption category, expressed his pride in receiving this prestigious international award. He affirmed that it would facilitate his task in uncovering corruption.

Waihiga Mwaura, a journalist based in Kenya and the second winner in the Safeguarding Sports from Corruption category, said it was fantastic to be here. He added that he was learning a lot, and that he is looking forward to doing greater things in the future through investigative journalism.

Phil Mason from the United Kingdom, the winner in the Innovation/Investigative Journalism category, noted Qatar’s efforts in supporting initiative holders and activists in the field of combating corruption worldwide.

Mason said that being an anti-corruption practitioner can be a very lonely job, and that it’s very rare to get recognition like this, adding that he was very pleased and humbled to be a recipient of this award.

Similarly, Clare Rewcastle Brown, also from the UK, who also won the Award in the Innovation/Investigative Journalism category, expressed her pride and gratitude for winning this prestigious award in recognition of her efforts in combating corruption. Damaris Aswa of Kenya, winner in the Youth Creativity and Engagement category, stressed that the Award serves as an inspiration for young people and local community leaders to continue their efforts in combating corruption globally.

Aswa said that the award means a lot to her, especially as a young person because it creates inspiration to herself and other young people out there, and especially grassroots community leaders who are doing incredible work to fight corruption around the world.

By A Robin - December 20, 2023

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